Letter from Luna

I received a letter from sweet Luna, who told me all about her house!


Luna is 14 and lives in Colombia

“Dear godmother, today I want to greet you very affectionately sending you many hugs and kisses through the distance, wishing God will bless you and fill you with His Holy Spirit. Godmother, I want to tell you that the house I am living in with my family is made a part of bricks and another part of zinc. It has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, the living room and the kitchen are together, and its floor is a part made of cement and a part is a dirt floor. Its roof is made of fiber cement. The water that comes to my house is from the river, they pass this water through the hoses but clean it. My house has electricity and I can enjoy it. Godmother, the bed I sleep in is a single bed where I can rest. I want to thank you for all those pretty letters you send me. The birds live in the mango trees and sing. I am very grateful with God because He gave me life. I say goodbye asking you to pray for me every day. I expect your answer soon. I send you many kisses and hugs, Luna”

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