Letter from Jofre

I received a great letter from Jofre recently!

EC046300299 Jofre #4

Jofre is 10 and lives in Ecuador

“Dear Alisa, receive cordial greetings from your sponsored child. I want to tell you that I’m very happy for the letter that you sent. I’m also happy because God gave us one more day of life. My favorite subject is mathematics and language. My favorite sport is soccer and tennis. My best friends are Kevin and Jonathan. The names of my siblings are Kevin, Saul, William, and Diana. Diana is studying to be a doctor. What are the names of your family members? I’m attending the Compassion project called “Lux de Vida”, and I’m also attending church. I remind you that the Carnival is coming. I would like to learn to play the violin and piano. Thank you for the letter that you sent. Please pray for my family and my siblings. I would like to ask you, are you doing well with your family?”


I love all of his varied interests and how well-rounded he seems to be. And how cool is it that his sister is studying to be a doctor? I wonder if she was a Compassion child too. His drawing is a little sad, but I’m sure there’s an explanation behind it 😉

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