First Letter from Jesús

I was so excited to receive my first letter from Jesús! I’ve great experiences with my other kids in Peru, and Jesús sent a wonderful first letter too, that was written just 13 days before I received it! At just 7 years old, he is already writing his own letters and writes very well.


Jesús is 7 and lives in Peru

The letter uses the My Family template. He has 4 siblings, and lists their names, and he lives in the city. At home, his mom does the cooking. Jesús helps out with sweeping, making his bed, and looking after his siblings. He spends the most time with his mom and his siblings. The letter says “I’m doing well with my family. I want to thank you for the letter, pictures, and the minions drawing to color. Thanks. I love Jesus. I have a white shirt I got for Christmas. School already started. I’d like to know how you’re doing. I ask you to pray for my studies and my mom who is working in a house. I say bye with a big hug and kiss. Jesús”


So cute!!

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