Letter from Jesús’ Pastor

Here is a letter from Jesús’ pastor in Peru.


Dear Alisa, My name is Ricardo Rodriguez Purisaca. I am the pastor of Nazareno church where the ministry of children Sembrando Futuro Child Development Center works. This is the place where your sponsored child attends. This center is located in the city of Lambayeque region of Peru.

I want to express my gratitude for the gesture of love with which you identify yourself towards the supportive help on children in extreme poverty who participate in this ministry so that every sponsored child can be assisted the best way in the four areas of development like the physical, spiritual, cognitive, and socio-emotional ones. Your sponsorship of Jesús David does so much and we know that your attitude will be rewarded by our Creator and His lovely son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

The city where our church is located is the agricultural area where they sow rice, corn, sugarcane and all kinds of vegetable stews. This year we had to face the drought in the beginning when we sowed rice. Lots of sown field was dried, but thank God the rain came on time and we could save part of what had been sown.

I want to tell you that the children are very excited about coming to the center as they see a great difference of attention to them. We give them affection here. The activities they do in the center are: they play with their classmates, they have their time with God, and they study a subject called Learning for Life. They get ready to have lunch and then they pray for their lunch. They brush their teeth and pray to say goodbye. What we teach children in the center has helped their attitude of life and their parents are very thankful for the teaching they receive thanks to sponsorship.

At the center, the children are taught to strengthen their spiritual life. They are centers of great blessing on their lives. They are also taught knowledge and abilities for their future life with a book guide called My Plan for Tomorrow through which they learn to express their attitude in their life circumstances. They learn to value and they overcome their defects. It has been and is still an impact on their center in our community because our church has become well-known and we have even had the visit of the mayor and the visit of a congressperson of the Republic.

Thanks for the communication you have with Jesús David through the letters and presents you send. The children feel extremely happy when they get your letters. They are taught and encouraged to pray to God in their hearts for their sponsors, their families, their health, and their work. At the same time, let me encourage you to have a continuous communication through letters with Jesús David. Thank God we had the visit of two sponsors. The children and their families were so glad to welcome the sponsors with excitement because they were visitors. We are waiting for the moment and the proper time in which our God will bless you so that you can visit us and Jesús David in our city. Thanks again for your great gesture of love. I wish you many blessings upon your personal life and family. May our Creator always pour out His blessing upon the goals you have set!

Blessings, Ricardo Rodriguez Purisaca

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