Letter from Albia

I adore the letters I receive from Albia and her mom!


Albia is 5 and lives in the Philippines

Her letter uses the My project learning template. They are currently learning about community in their center. In regards to taking care of her body, she has learned that she should take a bath every day, that she should brush her teeth 3 times daily, and to wash her hands before eating. She’s learned to show respect to others by saying “good morning”. She’s learned that she can be a good neighbor by disposing garbage at the proper place and and sharing her food. Her favorite thing she’s learned at her center is praying. Her message is “thank you” and “I love you” and she drew a picture that is so nicely labeled.


And here is the letter from Benia, Albia’s mom:

“Dear Miss Alisa, Hi! Good day to you! For now we are all in good condition. Albia is happy she finished her graduation at kindergarten here. I am very thankful we’re all okay, and I’m very thankful to God that we’re all healthy. For now we are in summer season but sometimes there’s a rain. But we’re more on heat. I am feeling sad to know your situation. But I know you will pass all of that. We’re all praying for your immediate healing. If I were God for one day, all I have to do is to heal all those people who are in sickness and want to live to serve their family and to those who are needy to them. To be a sharer or preacher of good works and word of God to know in heart and share their family and important and reason why we live in this world. God bless you and your family. Respectfully yours, Benia”

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