Letter from Ingrid

I received two back to back letters from Ingrid! Here is the first one.


Ingrid is 7 and lives in Guatemala

The letter uses the My Favorites template. Her favorite foods (out of the choices) are eggs and rice. Her favorite drinks are milk and coffee. Her favorite colors are purple and yellow, and her favorite Bible characters are Jonah and Moses. The letter says “Ingrid sends you greetings with affection and she thanks you for the letter you sent her. She answers your questions. She lives in a place called Cantel a village of the state of Quetzaltenango. Ingrid says that the animals that live in the trees are birds and squirrels. The fruits that are planted in her area are apples, plums, and pears; and the vegetables are broccoli, broad beans, tomato, and cauliflower. She says goodbye with affection. Sincerely Ingrid (written by her tutor Maria)”


Photo Friday: New Photos of My Manna Mercedes Children

We recently received new photos of our Manna 4 Lempira children receiving the letters we sent them and new Bibles. I’m going to break them down by church, starting with Mercedes. It’s hard to believe that in just 29 days, I’ll be arriving in Honduras and seeing these children very soon! I still have some more shopping and lots of packing to do, but I’m so excited to meet them and spend time with them in person!

Brayan, 5, usually always has the same serious face in all of his photos (except one). But this time he attempted a smile! 🙂 He’s also wearing a shirt I sent him, which is very big, but at least he’ll grow into it.

Ludvi, 9, seems to be wise beyond her years and I love the peaceful look on her face with the natural background outside.


Velery, 3, has her hair is blowing across her face, but she has the most adorable curly hair. I have a feeling she’s going to be a big personality.


Angie, 3, is my newest Manna child. The Mercedes fun day is definitely going to be my busiest day with 3 little ones!



Letter from Cristofer

Love my letters from Cristofer!


Cristofer is 11 and lives in Peru

“Dear Godmother Alisa, Thanks for writing and for telling me what you do. Thanks for the pictures you send always. My family and I are doing well, thank God. I was chosen to be a part of the main marching crew at school. We’re practicing on Saturdays because my school was invited to participate in the parade for Independence Day which we celebrate every year in July. We’ll also have a presentation for Mother’s Day and we’ll pay homage to them with poems, songs, and traditional dances from our region. We had a friendly soccer match at church with a group of kids from Sunday School. We’re learning about Joshua in our devotionals. I say bye with much love. I ask you to keep praying for us. Cristofer”

Letter from Angeles and a Photo Update!

I recently received a photo update for sweet Angeles in Peru. This is the second update since I’ve sponsored her. It’s so fun to watch her grow! I’m putting all three side-by-side below (click to see them larger):

Angeles is 8 and lives in Peru

The letter uses the My Family template. She tells me her 2 siblings’ names and that they live in a rural area. At home, they cook with gas, and her favorite way to help is looking after her siblings. Out of the people in her family, Angeles spends the most time with her mom. The letter says “Hello godmother, I spent the summer in Lima and I had so much fun walking in the park. Thank you for your birthday present. I bought a school blouse. Where did you spend the summer? Please pray for me. Goodbye, Angeles”


Letter from Elvis

The last month or so that I’ve gotten behind on my posting has been a blur. At the end of March, I was told that I would need to get my tonsils out. Upon hearing that it’s a 3 week recovery for adults and I’d need to take at least 2 weeks off of work, I told myself I’d wait til summer, which would actually have to be July, due to my Honduras trip at the end of June. Well, due to personal circumstances, and having many more tonsil issues, I ended up having them out a week ago on May 17. Let me tell you that it really is no joke for adults. I told my doctor going in that I wanted to know what to expect for recovery and he replied “expect the worst.” In a week, I’ve consumed mostly crushed ice and popsicles, with a few meals of a scrambled egg or soup that I’ve never been able to completely finish. I’ve lost 10 lbs so far in just a week. Currently, it feels like I’m swallowing a knife and being stabbed in the ear at the same time. I know eventually I will be glad that I got this necessary surgery done, but right now, every day is a struggle. I’ve been spending more time on the computer to distract myself, along with lots of Netflix, though, so here is the start of all of the letters and updates I’ve received in the past month!


Elvis is 7 and lives in Bolivia.

Back in July, I received a letter about his medical check up. Now I received another letter, this time about a dental check up. It’s cool that the project sends these out! His last dental check up was in January, at the project and health center. His mom went with him and the doctor told him to take care of his teeth. He learned to brush his teeth after eating, that he should not eat candies, and that a check up is important. The letter says “Dear sponsor Alisa, we greet you with the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Elvis is fine. He thanks you for the beautiful letter. In answer to your questions: he likes the white shirt. His Christmas was good. His tradition is to share in family. Yes, there is a tree, but it is of his aunt. He had a good time in the New Year’s eve. Yes, a little. He would help poor people, but God does that; He is great. Elvis asks for prayers for his family and country. He will be praying for you. We say goodbye with love. Elvis and his tutor Daniela”