Letter from Ingrid

This is the second of the back-to-back letters I received from Ingrid, and it’s such a fantastic, long letter!


Ingrid is 7 and lives in Guatemala

“Dear Sponsor, Ingrid greets you with love. She loves you so much. She sends you kisses. May God keep you from danger. Regarding your questions: Ingrid says that she is thankful to her family and for having a sponsor like you. Ingrid says that her Christmas was so happy along with her family, uncles, and aunts. It was so much fun. Her Christmas tradition is eating tamales. She likes it a lot. She also drinks hot fruit punch, and it is delicious. Ingrid says that there are Christmas trees decorated with lights. She loves the lights because there are different colors. Ingrid says that her New Year 2018 resolution is going to church with her parents and staying in the paths of the Lord. She also wants to get good grades at school and pass her grade. Ingrid says that you answered her questions in your last letter. She is glad to know your favorite food and fruits. She is glad that you work with children that are her same age. She says that she likes Bible stories and plays dolls and teddy bears with her friends during recess at school and the project. Ingrid says that she has a favorite Bible verse, Psalm 4:8. Her mom reads it every night before going to sleep. She sends greetings for your students. She loves the pictures of the kids and the school work they do. Ingrid says goodbye with lots of love. She asks you to pray for her family that God bless them at work and give them health. Ingrid would like to know: what is your favorite color? What is your favorite Bible character? Ingrid thanks you for being her sponsor, and for the pictures and letters you have sent her.”

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