Letter and Family Photo from Tsegereda!

I was so happy to receive a second letter from Tsegereda, as it had been 5 months since her first, and the best part was definitely the beautiful photo of her with her siblings! It’s such a cool glimpse into her life, and she looks adorable with the dress!


Tsegereda is 3 and lives in Ethiopia

The letter uses the My Typical Week template. In the morning, she typically eats her breakfast, cleans up, and puts on her school uniform. In the afternoon, she typically changes out of her uniform and plays with her friends. She goes to school Monday to Friday and to the project on Saturday. In the evening, she typically does her homework and sleeps. Tsegereda’s favorite day of the week is Saturday, because she can go to the project, play with friends, and watch tv. The letter says “Pray for God to help me and my family. I have received the birthday gift that you sent me and bought clothes and shoes. I have sent you a picture of me, my brother, and my sister on my birthday.”


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