Letter from Lucia with a Photo!

I am going to miss this girl SO MUCH when she graduates in September. I’m grateful they were able to purchase so many groceries for her family again, and even some treats like Oreos!


Lucia is 21 and lives in El Salvador

“Dear Alisa, it is a lot of blessing to me to write you another time, hoping that everything goes well with you. Today, I want to tell you about my home. It is a beautiful place because I can live together with my family, the house is built of bricks and the roof is built of metal sheet, the doors are made of iron, and there is only one room that I share with my sisters, but I sleep in my own bed, and I like to keep it neat because I want it to look beautiful. In my house there is also electricity and water that comes from a faucet, and there is also a gas stove to cook. How is your house? I would like to thank you about the snow and I feel so sorry that you got sick. And I would like to thank you for the blessing that you sent me. Please pray for me that I can go forward and have good health. With love, Lucia”


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