First Letter from Jose!

Jose current

Jose is 7 and lives in El Salvador

The letter uses the My Dreams template. When Jose grows up, he would like to be a firefighter. He would like to see snow and travel on a plane. Someday he would like to meet me because “he loves her very much”. Also someday he would like to meet Jesus. The letter says “God bless you Alisa. We greet you lovingly, on behalf of Jose Geovany. He says he feels very happy to write you, and he thanks you for the letters you sent him. Geovany wants to tell you that if he were God for a day, he would paint the wings of the butterflies with the beautiful colors God has created. Geovany wants to ask you to help him to pray for him so that God gives him wisdom in his studies, because thank God he is studying first grade and he wants to get good grades. He says goodbye not without first telling that he and his family pray for you, and they ask God so that He blesses you in your life. With love, Geovany. This letter is written by the tutor”



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