Letter from Charles

I received such an amazing second letter from Charles and his dad!


Charles is 4 and lives in the Philippines

What I LOVE about both of Charles’ letters so far is that they let him answer at his level. So typing it would be an injustice in this case. Here is his letter:


And the letter from Charles’ dad is so wonderful. I just love this little family so much already!!

“Dear Ma’am Alisa, Good day! Hope you’re fine there. Once again I am Mr. Raymond writing on behalf of my son Charles. Thank you so much ma’am for the letters you’ve sent. We received two letters and we are so happy especially Charles to read and know about your duties and passion to teach little children. How amazing you are and for sure that your students there are also blessed and thankful for having you as their teacher. Just continue to do that job because it is the noblest profession and Charles is so proud having you as his sponsor. About your question if a lot of people get sick here, well more people also are getting sick, especially children, because of the weather. It is so hot here, but thanks to God that Charles is healthy now. He is doing good now and started to perform some action songs from the center and church even though he is a shy type of boy, but when playtime and singing time he did it great and gave his best. And good to know that you have favorite clothes and yellow is your favorite color. Charles also loves to wear especially the color blue shirt with the picture of a spider and his favorite cartoon character is Spiderman. He loves his family, friends, Jesus, and you too, Ms. Alisa. And about your question if you were God for one day what would you do? I got a little confused if this question is for me or for Charles. Well if you will ask me about that I will bring peace and share it to others even in small things, because for me when you share you care. And I also asked Charles that question and he answered he will make a Spiderman and spider and give it to children to have and play. It’s quite funny but he answered to his level as a little boy. In fact he really loves to play spider and take care of it. A spider that only can locate at the roof top of our house. Ma’am thank you also for the pictures, and Charles likes the snow, moons, and the pictures of your children and you too, ma’am. He said you are beautiful with your yellow jacket. By the way ma’am how old are you now? Charles wants to know you more, are you still single? Please continue to pray for my family here and Charles’ study, he will be enrolled in day care soon. May the Lord bless and guide him always. As we pray here for your safety always with your family blessings and with your work. God bless! Respectfully yours, Mr. Raymond”

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