First Letter from Nafula Faith!

I felt a connection with this beautiful spirit before I ever received a letter from her, and now having heard from her, I love her so much more!


Nafula is 14 and lives in Uganda

“Dear Alisa, how are you and your Emma (my cat)? I hope you’re fine. Me and my family are fine and healthy. I am praying hard that also you get a family of a husband and children. As you asked about my favorite color in your previous letter, I would like to answer you. My favorite color is pink. No! I don’t have any pets but I have gained the interest of getting a pet cat and hope very soon I will get one. I would like to become a teacher just like you teaching young children. I like reading, drawing, and playing. I am also praying for you to succeed. My family members are grateful to have you as a family. I would like to answer your question about the health in my country. In my country there is an outbreak of a disease commonly known as cholera, but God being my protector, me and my family are healthy and alive. I thank God who healed you from the tonsils that were in your throat. All in all may the good Lord protect you and enlarge your territories. I would love to end this letter wishing you the very best and a colorful year full of God’s glory. I send greetings to your beloved students. I love you and them so much. Nice time. May God bless you. Nafula Faith”

Could she be any sweeter?

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