Letters from Angie

Angie is my fourth and final child at the Mercedes church through Manna 4 Lempira. Tomorrow, I’ll post letters from my children at the Mi Betania church. Angie just came to me very recently, so these letters still aren’t addressed to me yet, but it’s great to have them and read them. Her mom seems wonderful, and I can’t wait to meet both of them. Angie is very special, because her joining my Manna family was the sign that gave me the final direction towards committing to this trip!


Angie is 3 years old

“The purpose of writing you this letter is to tell you that I am very obedient with my parents. This year, I hope to go to kindergarten, but my mama doesn’t want me to because I am still little. I will turn 3 on November 22. I am very happy because my papa is going to buy me a cake and some clothes. Christmas is near, and I really like Christmas. Behold, I have chickens. My papa tells me that he is going to buy a dog. My papa always thinks of me because I am his only daughter. I love you so much. I dismiss you with a strong hug. I love you very much, my dear sponsor. Kisses! Blessings!”

“I greet you with much love and affection. I thank God for suffering me to have sponsors like you. I love very much. I ask God to guard and protect you always. I also thank you for the things you sent me. My papa says that he is going to send me to kindergarten because I am very smart. Thanks for everything. May God bless you. When you write again, send me a photo please so that I can meet you. Blessings, dear Sponsor! With much love, Angie”

“My favorite animal is the dog. I like them because they run a lot. I also like cats, dogs, chickens, and ducks. I would like to see a deer in person. I have chickens and dogs and home. (Psalm 23: 1-3)”


“Hello Sponsor! I hope that you are well with all those who surround you. I hope that you have had a happy Holy Week. I had a great time with my papa. He took me swimming every day at the river. Tell me what you did with your family. I hope that you respond with much love and affection. God bless you and your family. I send you a rose so that you know how much I love you.”


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