Letters from Ludvi

Next up from the Mercedes church is beautiful Ludvi. I’ll be just missing her birthday (it’s this Thursday), so she’ll be 10 by the time I visit her.


“Hello! How are you? I hope that you are well, dear sponsor. I am happy because I am going to fulfill another year of life. Thanks to God, who gives me strength to move forward. I would like to be able to walk in the church someday and see you. God is wonderful. God makes many beautiful things for the world. I really like to play ball and cars. I spend time playing with my friends. I am about to get out of school. My teacher is good with me. For that, I love her very much. Her name is Mayra. She is a good teacher. I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas with your dear family. A greeting and many hugs through the long distance. Thanks for everything. I love you in the love of God. With much love and affection for you, Ludvi”

I get a little bit of chills as I reread how she’d like to be able to walk into the church and see me, because it’s going to be happening so soon!!

“Hello! How are you? I am very well, and I am very proud that you are my sponsor. I am very grateful for all that you gave me; the notebooks, the pens, and the erasers. I love you. I liked the corn crafts. I colored them. I like the play doh. Thanks for everything. God bless you! I really like the backpack. My family is very happy. I really like the little monkey. It is pretty. I am 9 years old. My birthday is June 21. Thanks for everything. God bless you!”


“My favorite animal is the rabbit. I like it because it is pretty. I also like dogs, ducks, and chickens. I would like to see a monkey in person. I have animals in my house to take care of. I am very grateful for the gifts you have sent me; the books and the toys that were inside. They are very useful for my studies. My mama and I are so grateful. I do not have a papa, but with the help of God and you, I am moving forward with my studies. Thank you! God bless you!”


She is so sweet, isn’t she? With 9 siblings and a single mother, I am sure that the support of Manna 4 Lempira and the backpacks and shoes provided are what are keeping her in school, and I’m so grateful for that and to get to contribute to it!

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