Letters from Junior

Junior and Heidy, two of my kiddos from Mi Betania, another church through Manna 4 Lempira, are two that I can always count on for long letters, extra letters, and incredible sweetness. Not that I don’t get those things from the others, also, but I get it consistently every time with these two.


Junior is 10

“This moment is wonderful to take this pen and paper in my hands to tell you that my family and I are well here in Honduras and that you re well with your dear family. I thank God for the privilege He gives me to write you another letter. It is to tell you that I finished my vacation week. Monday, the 17th of the same month, I returned to classes. I tell you that in this Holy Week, I did not swim in the river. One day I went to see my aunt, my father’s sister. One day I went to visit my mother’s sisters. I walked with my sisters and my three nephews/nieces. My favorite games are soccer, marbles, and to walk in the neighborhood. I love to see you and your students in the photo. I would rejoice for you to come visit so I can meet you so we can shake hands and I could give you my hug. My mother and I are praying for you. I pray a lot for you that God blesses you each day. May God protect on your trip to our country, Honduras. Receive this letter with much appreciation. Receive hugs and kisses through the distance. May God bless you today, tomorrow, and always.”

He didn’t know I was coming to visit when he wrote this, obviously, so to hear him say that he was already praying for my visit there is still pretty incredible for me to think of. Junior always tells me he wants me to come visit, but to hear him specifically say he’s praying for protection on my trip, which he had no clue about, shows me I’m clearly on the right path with this trip.

“I greet you with much love and affection, hoping that God keeps you well. Well, after this short greeting, I continue. I tell you that it is already almost Christmas. We make tamales, bread, and pork. We set off firecrackers on the 31st. We blow up a doll with firecrackers. I would like to know how you celebrate Christmas in your country. It is also near the time of coffee harvest where we can earn money to help our parents. We enjoy cutting coffee. I go with my brother and my father. My mother takes care of my niece. Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year! May God shower you with many blessings. With much love and affection, Junior”


“Hello my dear sponsor! I am happy for your wonderful gift. i am grateful to God and to you for the gift you sent me. Thanks a lot! May God continue blessing the lives of you and your family. I hope that you receive this short letter. My family and I are very well. My parents, siblings, nephews, and I have been very well. I am on my vacations, but I return to classes on February 15. I am going to 5th grade. I will enjoy my backpack, my notebooks and my shoes. I tell you that I go to the field to cut coffee because we are in coffee season. Thanks to God He is giving us health and intelligence to cut gallons. We earn money to buy sweets and cookies and to take them to school. I hope to meet you, dear Alisa, so that I can put my arms around you and give you many hugs. My mama also says that she wants to meet you. I am now going to say goodbye. May God continue blessing Betania. We will receive you with open arms. These are my few words. Receive many hugs and kisses through the distance. I love you very much. I miss you.”

“My favorite animal is the elephant. I like them because they have big trunks. I also like lions, tigers, and dogs. I would like to see a lion in person. I only have a dog at home. I love you very much. I ask God to continue pouring blessing on your life and the lives of all your family. I also ask your prayers for me. I am very grateful for everything you have given me because all of it is useful. Thanks a lot! TKM (te quiero mucho)- I love you very much”



Just yesterday I learned (as some of the team is already in Honduras and visiting the churches), that Junior experienced a bad truck accident in May and he’s still recovering. Manna 4 Lempira is such a blessing, because they’re getting him in to see a specialist next month. The doctors at the hospital think he will continue to recover. I was shocked and devastated to hear the news, but so thankful that he is alive and that it could have been so much worse. I’m so eager to go give him hugs and encouragement in whatever condition he’s in, and I can’t help but think, again, that the timing of my trip isn’t an accident.

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