Letters from Greysi

Greysi is the younger sister of Yeyson, and you’ll notice a lot of similarities between her letters and his, in the previous post. He obviously helps her with her letters, which I think is very sweet. I love getting the opportunity to sponsor siblings. It will be fun to not only get to know them individually, but also see their interactions together!


Greysi is 3 (and seriously adorable…)

“Hello my dear Sponsor! I wish you the maximum blessings. Thanks for the things you sent me. I am very grateful with you, thanks to God. I want to meet you very soon to introduce you to my siblings, my parents, and my friends. I hope to see you in person very soon. May God give you many years of life. I want to tell you that you fascinate me. I am very happy. TKM (te quiero mucho)- I love you very much!”

“Dear Sponsor, I hope that you are very well. I am very happy that you are very good. I hope to meet you in person or in more photos. I am very happy. I am 3 years old. My parents are Tina and Omar. I am happy to have a brother named Yeyson. I love to play with my friends and my brother. I love your name, Alisa. I like that name. Thank you! I am always going to pray for you and my family. I will write again.”

“My favorite animal is a lion. I like this animal because it is ferocious. Other animals that I like are a dog and a cat. An animal that I would like to see in person is a lion. I have a cat in my house. Thank you for all and that you will be my sponsor. I love you a lot. i am always thankful to you. I want to tell you that I am praying for you. May God bless you. I love you very much.”


I should note that all the envelopes from Greysi and Yeyson were handmade from pieces of paper ❤

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