Letters from Maria

Today I’m sharing the most recent letters I’ve received from the El Tablon area, which is actually made up of 3 separate churches, through Manna 4 Lempira. It’s just 2 days now until I arrive in Honduras, and the El Tablon children are the first ones that I will get to see! Maria is my oldest Manna child at 13 and she is from the La Azomada area, which is even more poverty stricken than other areas. She is smart and determined, though, and I love her. I even got some extra photos of her this week when the team visited! Here they are:

at school and getting a medical checkup

Receiving a letter from me and writing a reply– the team member who took the photo on the right said she’s so happy I’m coming! ❤

“Dear Sponsor, I greet you with much love. Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year with all your family. May your Christmas be celebrated well. I will celebrate it well. I send a greeting to your family. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. My family is happy that I have a wonderful sponsor. May Christmas and the new year be good for you and all your family. What do you do for Christmas? It is a joy for all the family. May the new year be filled with blessings for you and your family.”


“Hello Dear Sponsor! I greet you affectionately, hoping that you are well. I am grateful to write you this letter to tell you that I continue to bring out good grades. God bless you! I like to see the creation of God. You can feel His love and His counsel. I am going to study. I like flowers. They are beautiful. Roses are very pretty. I am very happy to return to school. I pray that you continue helping with the things you sent me. I like to look at your photo. I would love to receive more photos from you. I love you with all my soul. I have you in the palm of the hand. Although I don’t know you, I love you very much.”


“Holy Week is important because we have a great time going to the river to swim. For vacations my family likes to go to the beach, to the hot springs, and to the pools or the river. Typical Easter foods are fish torts, ticucos, and Chilate. Traditions of my country are swimming and going for a walk. My favorite part of the week is going swimming and walking with my aunt. ‘Seek the Lord while He can be found. Call on Him when He is near.’ I want the Lord to manifest something in my life. I tell you that I am doing well in my classes. I made good qualifications. I am very grateful to you for having sent me the backpack. May God bless you greatly. May He keep you and your family well. I love you with all my soul. I am going to always love you. I will miss you. I tell you that it will be my birthday on April 10. I am going to spend it at school. I am very happy to write you again.”


She is such a special girl. I just love that in two different letters, she told me she loves me with all of her soul. I’m writing that back to her inside the journal I’m giving her ❤

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