Honduras Day 2: Cristian’s Home Visit


It was only a year in the spring since I sponsored Cristian, but it feels like so much longer. It was so good to see that smile in person that I fell in love with in his photos. I’ve put extra time in worrying and praying for Cristian after my Deilin and his older brother left the program because they were no longer in school to work, among many other children. I wrote to Cristian, and my other older children, sharing my hopes that they would finish school and how it would create so many more opportunities in life for them. Every time a round of photos come through, I’m relieved to see his smile and know he’s still attending school and the church the program.

Here he is leading us down to his home:


And a look inside:


Cristian’s family was a delight. In his Christmas letter, he had written how his mom was expecting a baby. It was so exciting to arrive and see healthy baby Lesly in person! She slept through our whole visit, but his mom said she has blue eyes. Cristian looks just like his mom, who was just as smiley as he is. His younger sister was also there, and his dad and older brother were working. I had noticed Cristian’s kinder diploma hanging on the wall and commented on it. They took it down to show it to me up close, and even showed me his siblings’ too. Later, Cristian asked me to take a picture of his 🙂 Clearly they are very proud!


Speaking of proud, imagine how proud I was when Cristian’s mom told me he is on the honor roll in school! Not only that, but when I asked him what he wants to be when he grows up, he told me he wants to be a lawyer! This is the boy who has always said he wanted to be a mason, like his dad, and to hear that he is dreaming bigger made my heart so happy. I want all of my kids to believe that they can accomplish anything, and it’s something I try to instill in them over and over. Because believing you can do something is often the biggest hurdle. Now, he may still leave school after he finishes 6th grade next year, a common time to stop (I think there was even a brief mention of the possibility, although I didn’t want to ask). And if that happens, I’m sure he can still have a happy and fulfilled life, but I do continue to pray for his future.

As we were sitting and talking, enjoying cold drinks that his mom had brought for us, I noticed he had brought out a set of small legos I sent him previously, which he had made into a pyramid. He said how he really liked making things out of them, and his brother helped him think of things, like the pyramid, too. Time after time, it never got old to see things that I had previously sent the children with or on them. You never have to doubt the legitimacy of Manna 4 Lempira as an organization or the fact that everything is going straight to these children!


After our home visits, we had a little time back at the hotel. This would be the longest day of home visits, because of the 3 separate churches, and it was a very hot day, too. We ordered pizza for dinner from a local pizza place. It apparently does taste different, but since I cannot eat gluten, I ordered from the hotel restaurant instead.

That evening, we attended a church service at the Guanas church, the second one we visited earlier in the day. We were late, but they hadn’t started yet. Hondurans very much run on “Honduran time”, and it’s something you have to adjust to early on! The service was a children’s service, which they do once a month. The children do everything, from the songs, to the Bible readings, to the preaching. It was cool to see how excited they were for their turns up in front, and how their families were there supporting them!

I made friends with these two little sisters, who quite enjoyed waving to me and getting the attention of me waving back and smiling at them 🙂


Enjoying the calm of sitting above Gracias in the restaurant at night:


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