Honduras Day 4: Valery’s Home Visit


Click here to read the first part of Day 4: Brayan’s Home Visit.

The next home visit I went on was Valery’s. She and her mom were both excited and timid to meet me. I noticed how young her mom is, and later found out she is 24 years old. To rewind a little bit, back to the church, while we had time to sit together before home visits, I received some gifts from Valery’s mom that couldn’t be more thoughtful!

This is how the first gift was packaged, so adorably:


It was a mug, which had a picture of Valery on one side, and on the other, a picture of my family that I had sent with a letter! On the other side, it says “Alisa y Valery Bendiciones”, meaning “Alisa and Valery, blessings”. Inside were chocolate coins and a cute little envelope with some pretty quilling and chocolate kisses in it!

After I was totally blown away by this gift, she pulled out a second one: a basket she hand-made out of newspaper! It’s beautiful and very well-made! The bottom of the basket was a CD- such an innovative idea in using what she could find. On the front she put a picture of me that I had sent with a letter.

On the inside bottom was taped a picture of Valery. And the contents of the basket contained a picture from Valery’s coloring book she had painted for me (on both sides) and lots of pictures of Valery and the two of them!


When I told her how much I will treasure these gifts, I truly mean it. It’s funny how you go excited to share joy by giving gifts, never expecting any in return. But receiving them, especially ones given with such care, thought, and love, is such an incredible feeling that it’s hard to properly describe.

After I got back to the church from Brayan’s home visit, they were ready to take me to their home. It wasn’t too far away, so we walked. I was amazed again to see that they had brought an umbrella for me so I could have shade from the sun while we were walking. Such a small thoughtful gesture that means everything!

Valery’s home is actually her great-grandmother’s- her father’s mother’s home. The front part of it is a small little store, and it’s nicer than some of the other homes I visited. It’s still very small and simple, but at least they had tile flooring and thick, sturdy walls. It makes me thankful that they have the opportunity to live here.

When we got there, her mom had a meal prepared for us of two sandwiches each. She said how she wasn’t sure what to make, since I’m from the US, which I thought was cute, and I would have been happy with any Honduran food she would have prepared. One of the first things Valery did was bring her bunny, Toto, to show us. I remembered reading about Toto in her letters 🙂 She carried that big bunny well with both hands!


After looking through the gifts with her great grandmother in the bedroom as I could hear excited giggles coming through the curtain, she wanted to change from her pretty dress into one of the shirts I got her. She proudly paraded in in her new shirt. Soon after, she showed me her coloring book. I flipped through the pages with her, telling her what a good job she’s done. And it’s true. Valery had just turned 4 less than a week before I arrived in Honduras. I’m a pre-k teacher, and not many 3, 4, and even 5 year olds color as well as she does. She recently started painting too, and also does a great job with that. You can tell that her coloring book and art set are two of her most prized possessions.


As she started coloring next to me, I loved watching how each time, she’d flip through and pick the perfect picture, then tap it a couple times before beginning. Valery does an excellent job at staying in the lines for a brand new 4 year old. They said how whenever she’s not in school, she’ll just color or paint all day long. I said that maybe she’ll be an artist as she gets older! I also know what to include plenty of in her backpack!

I asked about school, and thought it was funny when her mom said that the first day of school, Valery got in fights with the other kids, but after that, she was fine. Again, as a pre-k teacher, that sounds typical! I had a really great visit with them. I could tell by how many things that they had referenced from my letters, that they clearly studied them. By the end of the home visit, I had a feeling that we are going to be part of each other’s lives for very many years to come, and that’s awesome to think of. Meeting Valery’s mom was also so special. She’s so young, several years younger than me, but she does such a good job with Valery and was so incredibly kind and thoughtful in every part of my visit. I’m excited to get to offer her encouragement and continue to build the relationship with her, too, though our letters!


Before leaving, she gave me a bag of plantain chips from their store to take with me, and the grandmother had cut up a mango in a bag to take, too. They got the umbrella back out as they walked with me back to the church ❤

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