Honduras Day 6: Diego’s Home Visit


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While I spotted Helen, Heydi, and Junior all right away in the small Betania church, I did not see Diego when we came in. I mentioned it to Russell when he asked if everyone was accounted for, and started on my other home visits. I didn’t know much about Diego, due to the fact that I don’t always receive letters from him in each mailing or photos of him in each round of updates. So I knew his attendance had to be more sporadic.

Later, though, in between home visits, he and his mom were at the church! We found out that they actually live in town in Gracias, definitely a drive from Betania and not within close walking distance. Now I knew why he wasn’t always there for letter writing or photos. The Manna staff talked to his mom and they decided that since she lived in Gracias, where we were staying and headed back to for the evening, we’d do my home visit later with him. His mom had a car, and my translator agreed to come back, so for the time being, Diego gave me a super sweet gift and I told him I’d see him later!


The bag, which translates into “someone who loves me very much has brought me this little bag from Honduras”, contained tissue paper wrapped little cookie bites and a handmade woven sombrero keychain. It was such a sweet and thoughtful gift ❤

While I had some time before my last home visit, I spent some time enjoying the beauty back at Hotel Guancascos on our last full day there.

It’s safe to say I fell in love with this gorgeous, gem of a place! Even with all of the countless mosquito bites I got, I was in constant joy and wonder appreciating so much diverse and natural beauty there. I can’t wait to go back!

Finally it was the time that we were supposed to meet Diego’s mom. My translator met me back at the hotel. Now, Hondurans are notorious for being on “Honduran time”, or in other words, late. This case was no exception, as Diego’s mom actually came about an hour after the scheduled time! The positive side, though, was that it gave me more time to talk to and get to know my translator, who is a great person with a huge heart and did an excellent job all week!

Diego and his mom picked us up in their car and took us to their home. It was definitely nicer than most of the other homes we had visited throughout the week, but still very modest. I loved Diego’s adorable little “garden” outside of several potted plants. And Diego himself couldn’t be more adorable, either! He is so sweet and has great manners, but he isn’t shy at all and likes to give his opinion, too. The school he attends is a bilingual school, so he was even able to say some things to me in English, including the Our Father prayer, which he was very proud of!

We talked for a little while at the home. I know that Diego has a sister, but she wasn’t there and there was no mention of her, so I didn’t ask. Yes, at first glance, it seems like they are more well off than the other families, and in many ways, they probably are. Diego’s mom is a teacher. They used to live near Betania, and still have family there, which is why they still attend the church there. But it’s clear they still have needs as well. And our first evening in Honduras, during our dinner together with the Halls and Russell, it was explained that in the Manna 4 Lempira program, they do accept children who may not be as financially needy, too. They know better than anyone firsthand that these children still do have needs, and furthermore, their philosophy is that these children, when given the supports and care through the Manna program, are the ones who will hopefully grow up to be future leaders in their communities and churches. Even though Diego’s only 6, I can definitely see him as a future leader 🙂

The cool thing about this special home visit is that it ended up being a couple hours! We were going to go to a mountain nearby, but I don’t think they realized how long of a walk it was going to be. Thankfully, it was no coincidence that none other than the Hall family drove by us as we were about 15 minutes into the walk, picking us up in their truck. They were on a mission of their own, so we rode with them for a little while, until they dropped us back off at the car. Gotta love how perfectly that worked out!

Next, the family took us to the newly renovated park in Gracias. It’s beautiful, modern, and a great, safe place for families to go to have fun, relax, or get some exercise together. They even have guards outside to keep it safe.

Diego’s mom really liked the exercise equipment they had.

While Diego loved climbing. He said his favorite subject in school is physical education, and he is definitely very athletic. One of his school friends was also there, so they played together for a little while.

Finally, we had to say goodbye. My translator had to get back for a class, and it was getting late. Diego’s mom even offered to drop her off at her home after she dropped me off at the hotel so she didn’t have to walk back, which was really sweet. We took some pictures together before leaving.


This was my final home visit of the trip, but it was a very unique and special one!

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