Honduras Day 8: Leaving Honduras


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So I woke up in the morning, went to shower, but when I looked inside, I became perplexed. I started wondering where the water was going to come from, because I didn’t see a shower head. And then I turned the water on…



There was no shower head indeed. The water came out of a hole in the wall. At this point, I had to be very carefully showering already, only using cold water and being careful with the water hitting my sunburn. Of course it was another one of those moments, like fireworks the night before, where all you could do was laugh. And in talking to other team members at breakfast, I found out other rooms didn’t have this problem. I was the “lucky” one 😉

When I was packed, I went back out onto the balcony.


I could see San Pedro Sula much better in the daylight!


And down to the hotel pool.


We sat by the pool for breakfast, which was nice, and thankfully we found spots in the shade. Yes, Gracias was hot, but even in the morning, San Pedro Sula was already scorchingly hot being at a lower elevation level!


Soon we took off towards the airport. It’s tiny, so it didn’t take long to check in at all. We had some time to kill, and I got to shop for the first time, along with getting some water for the flight. We also had to say our goodbyes. Since the airport was so small, even though we were all on several different flights, our gates were all still right next to each other! Another family from our team was on my flight, so it was nice to have some familiar faces when landing in the US and going through customs.

Whereas last time when I landed in Houston, I had to run through the airport just to barely make it on my flight that had already boarded, this time I had a little more time and actually was able to stop and get some food for myself. The shop I stopped in to buy my food was interesting because there was literally no one working in it! You checked yourself out using a machine. I’m sure there were more security measures in place that I couldn’t see, but at first glance, it seemed very trust-based.

Finally, I arrived home in Chicago. While I was missing Honduras and my sponsored kids like crazy already, I was glad to be safely home and see family!


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