Welcoming a Special Child

In Honduras, the Hall family shared with us their plans to move their family from the US to Honduras by January. It was something they had thought and prayed a lot about, and something that couldn’t feel more right to them. Seeing them there, in their element, I could definitely see why. The Halls are remarkable people with huge hearts, and they have 3 smart, fun, loving kids as well! It was special to get to be there as they made steps to begin this huge new chapter in their lives.

One of the decisions that they made was that they really want to be there for all the children in moving there, which means not sponsoring only certain children. I know this had to be an incredibly hard decision to make, because even though they will continue seeing their sponsored children regularly, releasing them into the hands of other sponsors is still a big deal. Not long after arriving back home, the Halls made their upcoming move to Honduras an announcement through the Manna 4 Lempira and their personal pages. Soon after that, their children became available for sponsorship. It was noted that priority would be given to those who already sponsored siblings/family members of any of these children.

So of course in Honduras, the fact that Brayan and Ayumi (Junior’s brother and nephew both sponsored by the Halls) were going to be needing new sponsors soon was in the back of my mind. I guess I figured it would happen a little farther into the future. When the announcement came about them being available for sponsorship, I felt a HUGE pull. And I immediately started praying. A lot. I knew I needed to make a decision quickly, and I knew I needed God’s help in making it. At the time, I was between teaching jobs and technically unemployed. As much as I WANTED to sponsor both of them, it didn’t feel financially responsible to. So then I had to decide and pray some more. I loved both of these boys dearly when I met them. However, I did spend more time with Ayumi. He and Junior are only 15 days apart in age. They’re in the same class, they live together, and are as close as close can be. Every time I would try to picture someone sponsoring Ayumi, I kept feeling strongly that that someone had to be me. I couldn’t get the way he so freely and lovingly gave me so many hugs the day at the pool, despite a very difficult early life, out of my head.

And so finally I knew what I had to do. I sponsored Ayumi, and committed to advocating for Brayan.


Here are some pictures of him over the years.



Eventually, I got a Facebook message that couldn’t make me any happier! Another sponsor from our team had decided to sponsor Brayan. And not just any sponsor. She sponsors the other Brayan from the group the day at the pool, the 4th boy in this photo that she took!


It couldn’t have worked out more perfectly, and it’s just further evidence of God’s hand in it all along. It still makes me smile to think that Brayan has a fantastic sponsor, and one who shares just as much love for these boys as I do!!

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