Letter from Jofre

I received a great letter from Jofre recently!

EC046300299 Jofre #4

Jofre is 10 and lives in Ecuador

“Dear Alisa, receive cordial greetings from your sponsored child. I want to tell you that I’m very happy for the letter that you sent. I’m also happy because God gave us one more day of life. My favorite subject is mathematics and language. My favorite sport is soccer and tennis. My best friends are Kevin and Jonathan. The names of my siblings are Kevin, Saul, William, and Diana. Diana is studying to be a doctor. What are the names of your family members? I’m attending the Compassion project called “Lux de Vida”, and I’m also attending church. I remind you that the Carnival is coming. I would like to learn to play the violin and piano. Thank you for the letter that you sent. Please pray for my family and my siblings. I would like to ask you, are you doing well with your family?”


I love all of his varied interests and how well-rounded he seems to be. And how cool is it that his sister is studying to be a doctor? I wonder if she was a Compassion child too. His drawing is a little sad, but I’m sure there’s an explanation behind it 😉

Photo Updates of Manuel, Jorge, and Lucia

I love receiving photo updates and seeing new pictures of the kids and how they’ve grown!

First is Manuel, from the Dominican Republic. He attends the same center as Eliana, but their photos were not updated at the same time, as I received Eliana’s update in January. I thought Manuel looked old for his age in his last photo and now he definitely does even more so… he’s only 11!


Next is Jorge, also from the Dominican Republic. He’s growing up! Jorge is 6 years old.


And finally Lucia, in her last photo update before she graduates in September. She looks beautiful in the purple!


Letter from Luna

I received a letter from sweet Luna, who told me all about her house!


Luna is 14 and lives in Colombia

“Dear godmother, today I want to greet you very affectionately sending you many hugs and kisses through the distance, wishing God will bless you and fill you with His Holy Spirit. Godmother, I want to tell you that the house I am living in with my family is made a part of bricks and another part of zinc. It has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, the living room and the kitchen are together, and its floor is a part made of cement and a part is a dirt floor. Its roof is made of fiber cement. The water that comes to my house is from the river, they pass this water through the hoses but clean it. My house has electricity and I can enjoy it. Godmother, the bed I sleep in is a single bed where I can rest. I want to thank you for all those pretty letters you send me. The birds live in the mango trees and sing. I am very grateful with God because He gave me life. I say goodbye asking you to pray for me every day. I expect your answer soon. I send you many kisses and hugs, Luna”

Letter from Elvis

I’ve always heard from Elvis regularly since I started sponsoring him, so it was definitely out of the ordinary to go without hearing from him for so long. Several other Compassion sponsors noticed a long gap in the letters from their Bolivian children as well. Thankfully, a little before the 6 month mark, a letter from him started going through translation. Last week, it appeared on my account for me to view!


Elvis is 6 and lives in Bolivia.

The letter uses the My Christian Learning template. His favorite Bible story is the prodigal son. His favorite Biblical person is Noah. His favorite song to sing at his project is “We are Soldiers”. At his project, they are learning to pray, sing, and help others. He’s learned to pray before eating, before leaving home, and before sleeping. He’s learned that Jesus died for us, He makes miracles, and to love Jesus. The letter says “Dear Sponsor Alisa, We greet you with the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Elvis thanks you for the nice letters. He also thanks you for the gift which he bought the uniform to go to his school. He likes to learn at school and to paint. Birds live in trees and trees also give us fruits like apple, banana, and many others. He is so grateful to be with his family. He asks for prayers for his family and his classmates. See you next time. Love, Elvis and his tutor Daniela”


Elvis has always been a great artist and I love the family portrait. I’m glad he was able to get his uniform to go to school. If the children in many countries are not able to afford their uniforms, school supplies, and/or school fees, they are unable to attend. It seems like a small thing, but that’s one less thing that the family has to stretch their budget for, which makes a difference!

Introducing Yohanes!

Last week I received a new correspondent from Indonesia! Yohanes makes my 6th 14 year old. I love all of my 14 year olds, so I’m excited to have another teen to write to. That is going to be a busy year for graduations, though!

Here is Yohanes’ current photo:


And his two previous photos:

I’m glad he looks happier in his latest photo! Yohanes is from the Papua region of Indonesia, the western half of the island shared with New Guinea. I’m excited to learn more about his culture and customs, since it’s a very interesting area!

Introducing Angie, My Little Sign for my Summer Plans

Deciding between two sponsorship trips is a very difficult task, because it’s like choosing between your children. To have to say no to some, even if they won’t know it, feels awful. That’s why it took me so long to decide between going with Compassion to El Salvador or with Manna 4 Lempira to Honduras this summer. In addition, because they’re two different organizations, there were other factors, like the fact that I’ve traveled with Compassion before and know what to expect, or the fact that the Honduras trip is a little longer and a little less money. After a lot of praying, weighing pros and cons, and asking some questions about the Honduras trip, I was leaning strongly in that direction. Then, last week, I received the sign I had been praying for all along. In circumstances that only God could have orchestrated, the opportunity to add little Angie to my Honduran sponsored family arose.

I knew it was God saying that I needed to go there and meet her… along with my 11 other Manna children in Honduras. To be able to meet so many of the children I love so much and have dreamt about giving hugs to in person is an excitement that’s hard to even describe! I’m praying that everything continues to work out and that it will soon be official that I will be traveling to rural Honduras in June!