Letter from Marcus

I received a new letter from Marcus last week. This is my second letter from him!

BR042600458 Third

Marcus is 14 and lives in Brazil

“Hi dear godmother, how are you? I am fine. Here at school I finished elementary school and now I’ll go to high school. I am very excited to start classes. My favorite thing to learn is about English. I’ve already got some practice and I hope I’ll learn more. Thank you for your letter and pictures. I hope to receive more of them. I have many questions to ask you. Do you have kids? Are you married? At school I am taking many courses to focus in the area I hope to work at. With love, Marcus”

I’m very proud of him that he’s going to high school and he’s excited about it! Marcus lives in an area where gang violence is prominent, but it seems like he is staying focused, which is so awesome. It’s also great that he’s learning English! Of course I’ll be asking him which area he hopes to work in.

First Letter from Zakayo

I received my first letter from Zakayo very quickly too!


Zakayo is 5 and lives in Tanzania.

The letter uses the My Dreams template. Someday he would like to visit his sponsor’s home. Someday he would like to see his sponsor smile. Someday he would like to help his family with cleanness. Someday he would like to be like his father. Someday he would like to meet his sponsor because “I love you”. When he grows up he would like to be a teacher. The letter says “Zakayo greets you, praise the Lord Jesus. I am very happy to get the chance to communicate with you. He is thankful for the nice letter which you sent to him. He is thankful for your sponsorship. He prays that you can have good health. His family is thankful to you. May you be with the same heart. He is continuing well here at the center. Teachers teach him the Word of God he is continuing well at school.”


Such a nice first letter from this little guy!

First Letter from Clemence

Clemence had been my correspondent for less than a month when I received her first letter! That is amazing, because a couple years ago, it would often take up to 6 months to receive the first letter. Clemence is my little ray of sunshine.


Clemence is 4 and lives in Rwanda.

Her introduction lists the names and ages of her parents and that she has a 1 year old baby brother. Clemence’s favorite color is green, her favorite food is rice, her favorite game and toy are playing with a ball, and her favorite subject is English. She lives in a village. The letter portion is broken up into different sections. Message for my sponsor: “I thank you for choosing to be my sponsor.” Question for my sponsor: “Where do you and your family live?” Prayer for my sponsor: “Wish you blessings in all you do.” Prayer requests from child: “Pray for my success in studies and to have eternal life.” “My dream is to be a doctor and the drawing is a flower.” The letter was written by her mother.


This is my first letter from Rwanda, and I like the template that they used. And it’s always fun when a family member helps to write the letters. I’m excited to hear from this little beauty!

Introducing Dickson!

On Thursday I found a new face on my Compassion account: 13 year old Dickson! Dickson is from Ghana, a country I have had several students from, including 2 this year, so I’ve gotten to know, teach, and love quite a few Ghanan kids! My sponsored child Oxford also lives there.

GH062400241 Current

Dickson has been in the program since 2009, and he has had only one sponsor, who has sponsored him since 2010. That’s a real commitment! Dickson was assigned a correspondent right away, but unfortunately the previous correspondent never sent him a letter. I’m so glad that God decided to put him in my path as my newest correspondent, though, because I will be sending him lots of letters and love and encouragement! It’s sad to think of a child going through the program for over 8 years, watching friends receiving letters but never receiving one himself. I’m so grateful to be a correspondent and get to change that for children!

Here are all of Dickson’s photos side by side to see how he’s grown!

(click to see them larger)

Introducing Revathi!

United with Hope is the organization I sponsor Ramya through. As photos have been posted lately (and we get lots of photos!) a face had been catching my eye. Revathi, a new child to the program, stole my heart. The more I found more photos of her, the more I couldn’t resist her and knew I had to sponsor her. Revathi is 5, lives in India, and looks like she has a very fun personality! Sponsorship of children through United With Hope’s Happy Hearts program, which is where Revathi attends, is only $10 a month, but means so much to the children who attend!


Here are more photos of this sweet girl!








Letter from Lucia

Could Lucia’s letters be any more adorable??

ES078100038 Current

Lucia is 21 and lives in El Salvador.

“Beloved Alisa, I send a warm and lovely greeting, hoping deeply God blesses your family with health. Throughout this short letter I want to tell you about my future dreams. What I want to be most is a chef. I would like to prepare delicious food but also, I would like to visit Egypt pyramids, and to know the tallest building in the world. I would be excited to sail by ship. Another dream that I have is to know my supporter because I love her, and I want to give her lots of hugs. I would like to meet a famous artist. Do you know the pyramids? I feel grateful because of the letter and three pictures, they are gorgeous. Here in trees live squirrels, birds, and snakes. There are fruit trees, such as: mangoes, avocados, oranges, zapote, how delicious they are! Please pray for me because I need His protection everywhere. With love, Lucia”


She’s so cute. I love that meeting me was among her many dreams! Her dreams are sweet and ambitious and the genuineness of her writing is the best. I knew as soon as I saw Lucia that I had to be her sponsor, and I’m so very grateful that I am!