New Photos of Albia and Nusura

With Albia’s first photo, I didn’t think it was possible for her to be any cuter. But then I got her new one…


Is she not so darn precious??


Nusura is my correspondent child through Revive a Rural African Child in Uganda. I haven’t received a photo of her in a long time, so I was really excited to see new ones!



Here are 2 of her older photos to compare:

Letter from Albia

I adore the letters I receive from Albia and her mom!


Albia is 5 and lives in the Philippines

Her letter uses the My project learning template. They are currently learning about community in their center. In regards to taking care of her body, she has learned that she should take a bath every day, that she should brush her teeth 3 times daily, and to wash her hands before eating. She’s learned to show respect to others by saying “good morning”. She’s learned that she can be a good neighbor by disposing garbage at the proper place and and sharing her food. Her favorite thing she’s learned at her center is praying. Her message is “thank you” and “I love you” and she drew a picture that is so nicely labeled.


And here is the letter from Benia, Albia’s mom:

“Dear Miss Alisa, Hi! Good day to you! For now we are all in good condition. Albia is happy she finished her graduation at kindergarten here. I am very thankful we’re all okay, and I’m very thankful to God that we’re all healthy. For now we are in summer season but sometimes there’s a rain. But we’re more on heat. I am feeling sad to know your situation. But I know you will pass all of that. We’re all praying for your immediate healing. If I were God for one day, all I have to do is to heal all those people who are in sickness and want to live to serve their family and to those who are needy to them. To be a sharer or preacher of good works and word of God to know in heart and share their family and important and reason why we live in this world. God bless you and your family. Respectfully yours, Benia”

Letter from Albia

I was extra excited when I saw that I had a new letter in translation from Albia and her mom, because even after just two letters received, I feel very close to the family. I know they feel the same way, and this latest letter is just as special!


Albia is 5 and lives in the Philippines.

The letter uses the My Hopes for the Future template. In the future, Albia hopes to learn about cooking and wants to go on a field trip. She hopes to visit America and would like to meet her sponsor. When she grows up, she wants to be a teacher. Here is the picture she drew:


Next was the letter from Albia’s mom. It says “Dear Alisa, How is your 2018? On her third quarter, Albia got an award from her school. She was so happy from receiving your Christmas gift which we bought a dress and sandals. She was very glad wearing them, she said she’ll take good care of them. As a mother, I am so thankful for all your support. I hope you had a happy Christmas. I’m happy to read your letter once again. What season is it in your place now? I pray that God will guide and give you strength every day. God Bless, Respectfully Yours, Benia (Albia’s mom)”

Her mother, who is probably around the same age that I am, is doing a wonderful job raising her family in very difficult conditions. To get to form the connection with her, along with Albia, means so much to me.

Letter from Albia

I received my favorite introduction letter ever from Albia, and now the second letter from her is just as loving and wonderful from her mother. It’s amazing to hear how much of a connection her family has to me, and I feel that connection right back. Sponsoring Albia happened suddenly when I felt a calling, and God clearly made a perfect match.


Albia is 5 and lives in the Philippines.

“Dear Miss Alisa, I am glad to receive your letter again. Albia is happy to see and to hear about your letter (content). She had a big smile when we opened and read the letter. She was amazed at your students. She really wants to finish school and be a teacher when she grows up and build our own house. I really do appreciate/am thankful for all of the letters and pictures that you’ve sent. We keep it in the envelope. Every day, she wants to look at your letters and pictures. We always keep on praying for your health and safety. Hope that you’ll be happy this Christmas this December. Thank you and God bless! Advance Merry Christmas. Respectfully Yours, Benia (mother of Albia)”


It means so much to me as a sponsor to receive a letter like this. Add the Philippines to the list of countries I have to visit, because I need to give this little girl and her mom hugs in person! Someday…

Letter from Albia

I received my very favorite first letter ever, because there was so much love pouring from this sweet family! I sponsored adorable little Albia back in August and even though I feel in love with her instantly, my connection to her now feels so much stronger thanks to a letter from her, a letter from her mom, and photos! These extra touches are rare and unexpected, but it means so much towards building the relationship further.


Albia is 5 and lives in the Philippines.

Albia’s letter uses the introductory About Me template. I learned that she is 103 cm tall (3’4″), she has two siblings and is the middle child, and her shoe size is 27. One thing she does really well is singing, and her favorite part of her body is her hair. She is medium in build. It says “Dear Ms. Alisa, Thank you so much for the letter and for choosing me. I am now in Kinder II. Love, Albia”


Such a cute little drawing! And here are the extra photos her family sent! This is the first time that I’ve received extra photos that weren’t for a gift. I love getting to see her parents and sisters and a glimpse of their house. I wouldn’t have been able to see any of this otherwise!

images copyimages copy 2

And her mother wrote a whole letter on her own too, which is also a first for me! It really made me connect with her in a greater way than I’m usually able to connect with parents of my sponsored children. Her love of and pride for her family is evident.

“Hello Ms. Alisa! Good day to you. I am Benia, mother of Albia. I am glad to know you. I am thankful that you’re the sponsor (Albia’s sponsor); like you we also wanted to know more. Albia’s favorite color is orange. We also have a pet- a cat named Coorkie. Albia is now in Kindergarten. In the future she also wants to be a teacher like you. She also likes to teach other children how to write, to draw, to color, and how to sing. We sent some photos of our family and Albia, too! Our family is thankful because Albia has a sponsor like you. May God bless you and your family for being a channel of blessing to others who are in need. God Bless! Respectfully yours, Benia”

Introducing Albia

Little Bia is my latest Compassion sponsored child. She is my first and only child from the Philippines and it was a God moment, what else can I say?


Bia is 5 years old. I sponsored her on the day after her birthday this year. She lives in a very low income community with her parents, grandparents, and two siblings. Her parents struggle with employment. Bia attends preschool, and her hobbies include art, dolls, hide and seek, play house, toy cars, running, and walking.

Isn’t she just precious? I love that I get to watch this sweetheart grow up!