Pictures of Brayan and Heidy!

Things have been moving slowly and quietly lately, without getting any letters, updates, new children, etc. for awhile. But this past week, I’ve had some exciting moments, finally! First I’ll share the pictures of Brayan and Heidy, both sponsored through Manna 4 Lempira in Honduras, with their bags I sent them. Kim and her family just got back, and all of the¬†pictures posted so far are just the sweetest!

Here’s Brayan, 3, looking as adorable as ever:


And Heidy, 10, looks beautiful with her thick hair down:


Bags on the Way!

Since the Manna 4 Lempira staff will soon be traveling down to Honduras, we are able to send sandwich-sized bags filled with items for our sponsored kids this month. The staff will be packing these bags in their luggage to bring down, which is why the size is small. But I will say, while a sandwich bag sounds very small at first, you can fit quite a bit in it! I had lots of fun shopping for things for Heidy and Brayan’s bags, and my love of tetris came out when trying to get it all to fit!

Here’s what I fit in Heidy’s bag:

  • a personalized small decoration that I painted and decorated with her picture and name
  • a glow stick with a necklace string
  • a crystal growing kit
  • a notebook for her to write in, with a little message to her inside
  • 2 pretty pens to write with
  • a painted letter “H”
  • 4 fabric stretchy hair ties
  • a small sparkly compact
  • a toothbrush
  • a flower decoration
  • a handmade fabric bracelet

I have a sweet girl in family that I am very close to who is the same age as Heidy, so I kept her in mind when making Heidy’s bag. I wanted some things to make her feel special, things she could use, and things to brighten up her home a little bit, that were personalized. I can’t wait until she gets it!

Here’s what I fit in Brayan’s bag:

  • a personalized small decoration that I painted and decorated with his¬†picture and name
  • a glow stick with a necklace string
  • a toothbrush
  • colorful building toys that can connect vertically or horizontally
  • a box of different colors of chalk
  • a pair of socks
  • letters to practice with that are also magnetic
  • a toy car
  • dissolvable capsules with sponge dinosaurs inside

I’m quite familiar with 3 year old boys, since I’m an early childhood teacher. Since his school performance is listed as above average and his favorite subject was numbers, I wanted things that he could use for learning and play, as well as things he could use as well. These little blocks are great and I was so glad I was able to fit them nicely in the bag, as there are so many ways to build with them to inspire his creativity. While they didn’t have small numbers like these letters, I thought the letters would still be great to work on learning them and as he gets older, start to spell with them too. And chalk is fun to be used just about anywhere!

I’m so glad I get the chance to send them these little packages of some extra goodies! I packed them carefully with love, and I’m sure they’ll be excited to get to open them. Thinking about putting a smile on their face as they open and as they get to use the contents makes me smile too!

Meet Brayan


I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by now that I wasn’t done yet with just Heidy, and that God will make his sponsorship plans known to me. I couldn’t shake the feeling that I needed to help one more. I decided to pray about it throughout the week, to see if I still continued to feel that way, and if a specific child stood out to me. Well, I still felt called, but at first, I never really felt that “clicking moment” that I have felt with each child I’ve sponsored so far, including Heidy. Then I saw Brayan. I don’t know if I had missed him before, or if I just wasn’t ready, but this time when I saw him, there was that feeling. I knew. I prayed about it for the next couple days, checking back to see if he was still available, but I could not get this boy out of my head. So now, he is my newest (and youngest!) sponsored child!

Brayan is 3 years old. His school performance is listed as very good, and his favorite subject is numbers, bless his heart! His favorite color is purple. I couldn’t love this little guy anymore. His favorite activities are playing and singing, and he wants to be a teacher when he grows up. Oh, my heart is just bursting! Brayan has 5 siblings, and I shopped for his bag too as I shopped for Heidy’s. I found it surprisingly easy to find things for my youngest child, probably because early childhood is the population I love to teach more than anything! Want to see even more adorableness, if that’s even possible? I found some more pictures of Brayan on Manna 4 Lempira’s Facebook site: