Another Letter from Rikelme!

I’m editing this post to add that WordPress just informed me that this is my 100th post on Letters with Love- hooray! 🙂

I received this letter just one week after the last one! His financial sponsor must have sent him a gift in May for his birthday, which is great. And I’ll happily take another letter!


Rikelme is 14 and lives in Brazil.

“Dear godmother may God’s grace be with you, it is with a big hug I write this letter to thank you with all my heart for the nice letter and the gift you sent. I was very happy, may God reward you for all your love to me. I am in vacation and I will play a lot with my cousins and friends and fly kites and play ball in my vacation. It will be very nice and fun. What do you plan to do in vacation? See you next letter, may God give you good health, peace, love and more of God. Kisses, Rikelme”

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Another kite drawing- that’s two in a row! 🙂

Letter from Rikelme

I received this letter from Rikelme last week, and it was great to hear from him!


Rikelme is 14 and lives in Brazil.

“Greetings! I am super happy on writing this letter again to say thank you for the beautiful letter and wonderful present that you gave me. I’m very happy for your love and care that you have with me and I have no words to say thank you. How are you and family? I hope you can be okay and healthy with our Lord Jesus’ love. On my vacation, I want to go out with my family and I also want to go out, go to the cinema and also play with my friends and it’s very good. I also go into my father’s house and speak with him, there is very nice. I always pray for you and family to the Lord be blessing you more and more. I am wishing you peace and health. Until next letter. Be with peace. With love and care, Rikelme”

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Letters and Photo Update from Rikelme

I’ve received 3 letters from Rikelme since I became his correspondent. He had been in the program 4 years and never received a letter. Well, that’s over now. Since he started receiving my regular letters, I’ve already received 3 letters from him in 4 months! And the best part is in the photo update, he’s smiling for the first time in his photo!! It makes me SO happy to see that smile and confidence!

Here are all of Rikelme’s photos, oldest to newest.

Rikelme is 13 and lives in Brazil.

First letter: “Greetings! My dear sponsor, I am happy writing this letter to you to tell you my news. I want to say thank you for the beautiful letter that you gave me and I was very happy. Thank God, my family is okay and healthy. I’m doing my best at school because I want to get approved next year. Here in Brazil we are on our election time and he is very good. My mother is working and my family is doing very well and I have a younger sister and she is very smart and intelligent. May God keep blessing you. With love, Rikelme.”

Second letter: “Hello dear sponsor, I’m glad to write you and thank you for all your love and support. I got your letter and that made me feel loved. I’m doing great at school, working hard to pass the grade, and I can’t wait for my vacation, so I can play with my family. I like going to the park with my family and play at the park, and going to the movie. At the project, my favorite classes are the indoor soccer and the computer ones. I also like going for the wonderful walks they promote, where we have pool, games, and Bible studies. I’m waiting for news. I hope you and your family are fine. I’ll pray for you. Thanks for your prayers and for giving me the opportunity to experience good things in here. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a year filled with peace and joy. Thanks for everything. Love, Rikelme”

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He seems like such a thoughtful young teenager, with a great heart. It makes me so happy to know he is finally getting letters and that he’s happy to receive them. To hear that the letters ‘made him feel loved’ is what it’s all about. And how sweet that he says thank you for the opportunity to experience the good things at the project.

Third letter: “Hello dear sponsor, how are you and your family doing? I hope you are fine. My family and I are good. I’m in the 7th grade at school and I’m learning new things. I’m making new friends. When I’m home, I like to play ball with my friends and listen to music on my smartphone. What do you like to do on your free time? Here where I live the weather is too hot, and sometimes it rains. I love rain. Where do you live? What is the current season? I’m waiting for your news. I hope you send me more pictures next time. May God bless you. Hugs, Rikelme.”

Introducing Rikelme

Just on Friday, I checked my account after a long week of getting ready for students, and I found Rikelme, my new correspondent who was added to replace Abnner! He is my first child from Brazil and I’m very excited, as I visited Brazil several years ago and just loved the country, and I really hope to go back one day. Rikelme is 13, has been in the program for 4 years, has had one sponsor who has sent some gifts, but he has never received a letter. I just think of him, eagerly hoping a letter would one day arrive for him for 4 years, and never receiving one. But then I’m filled with joy when I think that that’s about to change, and I wish I could be there to see when he gets my first one! I know with an older child who maybe has lost some trust over these years, it will take time for him to feel comfortable opening up and forming the relationship. But I know that, through God, I can provide him with encouragement and love. Here are Rikelme’s current and previous photos.