Introducing Nathalie and Dimanche!

It feels only right to introduce these two together, since they came to me at the very same time, and I’m pretty sure they’re related. Nathalie and Dimanche both attend the same center in Burkina Faso and both have the same last name. They do have different caregiver’s names listed, though, so maybe their cousins? It was a great surprise to see these two little cuties. With their double addition, Burkina Faso suddenly jumped to the country I have the most Compassion children in. I’m looking forward into learning more about this country to know more about my girls there, as well as hearing from Nathalie and Dimanche! Letters to and from Burkina Faso seem to move really slowly through translation, so it may be awhile, but I’m sure it will be worth the wait.

Nathalie, age 5:


Dimanche, age 4:


Introducing Edwige!

Last week, Edwige became my second beautiful girl from Burkina Faso, a country that is still very new to me.

Here are her previous and current photos. Edwige is 7, just like my other girl from BF, Latifatou. Her birthday is extra special, because it’s the same as my grandmother’s who passed away a year ago in October. She’s now my second child to share that birthday, as I previously sponsored Oxford in my grandmother’s honor. Edwige feels like a little gift from my grandmother, telling me she’s looking out for me.

She helps her family with cleaning and running errands, and her hobbies include listening to Bible stories, playing games, hide and seek, and soccer. The Child Development Center information says that none of the children there are attending school because they are all too young. I don’t know how often that is updated, though, and 7 seems old enough to start school, so hopefully she will soon if she’s not currently enrolled. Most adults in the community earn only $10 per month.

Introducing Latifatou!

The same day that Jabes was added to my account, I went on to write a letter to him and I noticed another new face among my children. I have been wondering if and when I would ever receive a girl correspondent, so I was so delighted when I saw the face of a beautiful little girl! I have 13 boys as correspondents, whom I absolutely love and wouldn’t trade for anything. I’ve never made gender-specific requests for correspondents because I’m happy to write to any child that God wants me to, and I was starting to think his plan was to give me only boys as correspondents, which was fine with me. But then I saw Latifatou, from another new country for me, Burkina Faso, and this special child of two firsts stole my heart.

Here is her most recent picture and the one before. Latifatou is 7 years old. She likes learning about God, playing games, and dolls. Her schooling is listed as “other”, like Beto’s so I don’t believe she’s currently in school.

I’m looking forward to getting to know sweet Latifatou and more about Burkina Faso!