New Photos of Albia and Nusura

With Albia’s first photo, I didn’t think it was possible for her to be any cuter. But then I got her new one…


Is she not so darn precious??


Nusura is my correspondent child through Revive a Rural African Child in Uganda. I haven’t received a photo of her in a long time, so I was really excited to see new ones!



Here are 2 of her older photos to compare:

New Photos of Maria and Rikelme

I’ve had quite a few photo updates (and new correspondents… but that will come later) while I was on my posting hiatus getting adjusted to my new job. I get so excited to get updated photos of the kids and see how they’re growing!!

First is Maria, my longest sponsored child and my only World Vision child. Here is her new photo:


And a look at all of her photos as she’s grown! (click to see them larger)

And Rikelme is looking even more grown up in his new photo:


Here are all his photos to compare! (click to see them larger)

First Letter from Noelia!


Noelia is 9 and lives in Bolivia

The letter uses the My First Letter Template. She lives with her dad and her siblings, which confirms that it was her mother that passed away. They speak Spanish, and she spends the most time with her siblings. Her favorite color is pink and her hair is black. Her eyes are dark brown and her favorite food is pique macho (beef, fries, sausage, hard boiled egg, tomato). Noelia’s favorite song is Somos Soldaditos del Señor (We are Little Soldiers of the Lord). Her favorite season is Spring. The letter says “Hello dear Alisa, I greet you with the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. I thank you a lot for choosing me to sponsor. I also thank God for giving you the heart to sponsor me and for choosing me among so many children in the world. Also, thank you for the letter you sent me. I really like it. Thank you very much. I do have pets, a kitten and a little dog. I want to be a veterinarian when I grow up. I like to pray. My prayer request is for my family so that they know God. I say goodbye with love. Noelia”


What an incredibly sweet girl! And her drawing is beautiful!

First letter from Rukundo and a Photo Update!

Not long into being Rukundo’s correspondent, I already received a photo update! I’m including all 3 of his pictures below so you can see his growth! (Click on photos to see them larger)

Rukundo is 7 and lives in Rwanda

The letter uses the My Typical Week template. He typically gets up at 6 am. In the morning he typically takes a bath and goes to school. In the evening he typically washes plates and plays with others. He typically goes to sleep at 8 pm. His favorite day of the week is Saturday because he goes to the project to study. The letter says “Dear Alisa, I foremost greet you. I loved the letter you wrote to me and want to answer the questions that you asked me. I have a family, my father, mother, and siblings. I like to study, to play with other children, and my favorite color is yellow. I don’t have a pet but I wish to have one. I like a cow and a goat. When I grow up, I want to become a great player of soccer. I like to go fetch water with other children. I send you a photo of my family as you asked me. Drawings: a flower, a cup, a house, and a car”


The letter mentioned sending a photo, but there isn’t one attached and it doesn’t indicate a photo should be included at the top of the letter. Maybe it means he will send one?

First Letter from Nafula Faith!

I felt a connection with this beautiful spirit before I ever received a letter from her, and now having heard from her, I love her so much more!


Nafula is 14 and lives in Uganda

“Dear Alisa, how are you and your Emma (my cat)? I hope you’re fine. Me and my family are fine and healthy. I am praying hard that also you get a family of a husband and children. As you asked about my favorite color in your previous letter, I would like to answer you. My favorite color is pink. No! I don’t have any pets but I have gained the interest of getting a pet cat and hope very soon I will get one. I would like to become a teacher just like you teaching young children. I like reading, drawing, and playing. I am also praying for you to succeed. My family members are grateful to have you as a family. I would like to answer your question about the health in my country. In my country there is an outbreak of a disease commonly known as cholera, but God being my protector, me and my family are healthy and alive. I thank God who healed you from the tonsils that were in your throat. All in all may the good Lord protect you and enlarge your territories. I would love to end this letter wishing you the very best and a colorful year full of God’s glory. I send greetings to your beloved students. I love you and them so much. Nice time. May God bless you. Nafula Faith”

Could she be any sweeter?

First Letter from Jorge!


Jorge is 6 and lives in the Dominican Republic

The letter uses the My Community template. His community is located in Santo Domingo. Common types of transportation are cars, motorcycles, and buses. Common jobs in the community are housekeepers, teachers, and chauffeurs. The weather is hot. The letter says “Hello! God bless you greatly. I write to you on Jorge’s behalf. He says that he has a pet dog. His favorite color is red. He likes to play with his friends, run, watch tv, and eat. He thanks you for writing him the letter and praying for his family. With a big hug, Jorge”


Letter from Clemence


Clemence is 4 and lives in Rwanda

The letter uses the My Typical Week template. Clemence typically gets up at 6 am. In the morning, she typically prays, bathes, and takes porridge. In the evening she typically plays ball and does different things. She typically goes to sleep at 7:30 pm. Her favorite day of the week is Sunday because she walks to different places. The letter says “Dear Alisa, I am pleased to see your letter. Praise Jesus because you recovered. I met with a nurse so now I am doing well. I wish to come to live together with you. Are you married? Do you have a husband? Do you have children? I would like to see your family pictures. Sometimes it is warm here mixed with cold. My family would like to see you! We enjoyed so much to celebrate Easter at the project. We thank you!”


Letter from Zakayo


Zakayo is 5 and lives in Tanzania

The letter uses the My Friends template. It first lists the names of some of his friends. Activities Zakayo does with his friends are playing ball, running, and reading books. His friends go to school with him. His best friend is Yohana, who is special because he teaches me to read the Bible books and do the chores. He goes to the project with Zakayo.  The letter says “Sorry for the diseases. Here we do not get sick often except for malaria. I’m so happy for the good pictures you sent me. My family and I are fine and healthy. I would like to answer your question if I could be God for one day. Zakayo failed to answer that question.”