Introducing Jorge!

On Wednesday evening, I received another new correspondent from the Dominican Republic, but this time he is from a different center than my other two from the same country. His face is solemn in the photo, but he’s adorable, and I hope that some day I’ll see a smile from him!


Jorge is 6 years old. He helps his family with running errands and his favorite hobbies are art and dolls. I’m not sure if he’s in school yet, because it’s listed as “other”. If not, hopefully he will be enrolled soon! He looks so tiny because of the perspective that the photo was taken. The funny thing is that I’ve noticed that I’ve been assigned much more children as correspondents at age 6 than any other age!

Introducing Manuel!

When I logged on to check on my letters, and I saw Manuel’s face, I also recognized the background on his photo immediately. He attends the same center as my sponsored child Elaina in the Dominican Republic!

Isn’t he growing into a handsome preteen? Manuel is 11 and here are all of his photos (click to see them larger). This is my first time with Compassion that I’ve had two children who attend the same center. I’ve decided to let Manuel know that I am his correspondent and he also has a financial sponsor, because if for some reason his financial sponsor has to cancel, I don’t want him to think that I stopped sponsoring him but still sponsor Elaina.

Manuel’s hobbies are art, reading, and toy cars. He is in 4th grade and his school performance is above average. His favorite subject is language. The Dominican Republic is a country I really hope to visit, so having another child there is exciting. And out of all the centers in the country, he wound up to be from the same center as my only other child there. That’s not a coincidence- that’s God’s plan and I can’t wait to see it unfold!

Introducing Clemence!

I just received little Jabes as a correspondent and now I get to write to another little cutie from Rwanda!


Clemence just turned 4 in January and she has a smile of pure JOY! Whenever I’m feeling down, I’m going to look at Clemence’s picture to cheer me up. This little sweetheart lives in a community where the average income is less than $3/month, something we can’t even really fathom. But here is a face of happiness and love in the only world she knows. And thanks to Compassion, Clemence and her family are taken care of. I’m sure this is one of countless examples of Compassion’s life saving work in this community.

Clemence already helps with the chores of carrying water and running errands and her hobbies are dancing and art. She seems like my kind of free spirit! She is thankfully enrolled in preschool and her favorite subject is art there too. Compassion’s description of the community says that there are not safe places to play and the nearby lake is polluted with methane gas. This means that their water supply is likely severely limited.

I can’t wait to send a gift and encouragement to Clemence’s family ❤

Introducing Zakayo!

About a week ago I found yet another new correspondent from another new country for me! This is Zakayo from Tanzania.

I’m eager to learn more about Tanzania as I learn more about him. Zakayo (I love his name) is 5 years old. He comes from a very impoverished community. He has a whole laundry list of interests and enjoys learning about math and reading. My introduction letter to him went through extremely quickly, and I can’t wait to hear from him!

Introducing Latifatou!

The same day that Jabes was added to my account, I went on to write a letter to him and I noticed another new face among my children. I have been wondering if and when I would ever receive a girl correspondent, so I was so delighted when I saw the face of a beautiful little girl! I have 13 boys as correspondents, whom I absolutely love and wouldn’t trade for anything. I’ve never made gender-specific requests for correspondents because I’m happy to write to any child that God wants me to, and I was starting to think his plan was to give me only boys as correspondents, which was fine with me. But then I saw Latifatou, from another new country for me, Burkina Faso, and this special child of two firsts stole my heart.

Here is her most recent picture and the one before. Latifatou is 7 years old. She likes learning about God, playing games, and dolls. Her schooling is listed as “other”, like Beto’s so I don’t believe she’s currently in school.

I’m looking forward to getting to know sweet Latifatou and more about Burkina Faso!

Introducing Jabes!

When I came home from work on Tuesday, I was delighted to find the cutest new face as my 4th new correspondent! I was even more excited when I saw that he is from Rwanda, a new country from me. I have heard wonderful things about Compassion in Rwanda, so it’s great that I’ll get to be a part of it now.

Meet tiny Jabes!


Jabes is 4 and he is in preschool. His hobbies are art, group games, and ping pong. I’ve never seen a 4 year old play ping pong before, but maybe he enjoys hitting the ball around 🙂 I want to scoop up this sweet boy and give him a big hug. I’m so in love already!

Introducing Jhonatan!

The next new correspondent child that was added to my international family was Jhonatan. Jhonatan is from El Salvador, the country that there is a very real possibility I could be traveling to in July. Since considering the trip to El Salvador to see Lucia, I’ve now received 2 more correspondents from there.

Jhonatan is 10 now, and here are his two previous photos along with his current one. He was such a cute little guy, and I love the middle one where he is laughing! Now that he’s older he is more serious in his picture, but I’d love to see a smile on his face again.

Jhonatan has only had one sponsor, but he’s only received one letter. I’m grateful to his sponsor for letting me write to him so that he can start receiving letters regularly.

Jhonatan’s hobbies are learning about God, listening to Bible stories, spending time with friends, group games, hide and seek, and soccer. He’s in 3rd grade where his favorite subject is language.

Introducing Endalu!

The second of the new correspondents I’ve had added to my international family is another boy from Ethiopia, but this time an older one. Meet 14 year old Endalu! Here he is along with his previous photo.

Endalu is now my third 14 year old boy. I just love Rikelme and Marcus, my other two, and I think it’s such a great age to get to write to, so I’m excited to write to Endalu too!

Endalu has lots of hobbies, including playing sports, art, running, singing, soccer, story telling, and swimming. He has many household duties, which include carrying water, child care, cleaning, making beds, and running errands. He’s in 7th grade and his favorite school subjects are art, history, and language. The average income of his community is only $12 a month.

He has had 5 previous sponsors and only ever received 3 letters, which breaks my heart, but that will change now!!

Introducing Beto!

I have been blessed greatly with 5 new correspondents within a week and a half! I’ve never gotten correspondents this close together, so my sponsor family has expanded quite a bit very quickly… and I am so excited to get to know each of these wonderful children! The first new correspondent I received is Beto.


Beto is 6 years old and from Ethiopia. He lives with his mother and his schooling is listed as “other” so it sounds like he may not be in school yet. His hobbies are group games, running, and soccer. He has had 2 sponsors and not received any letters or gifts since he was registered in 2016.

I just love his bright and colorful clothing, along with the purple and green wall in the background! He is a very handsome little guy, and there’s a lot of expressiveness behind those eyes that I’m eager to get to know.