Letters from Cristian

I could feel even extra love in both of these latest mailings from Cristian, both of which times he sent two letters! I love how at 12 years old, he still enjoys writing to me. Cristian is another child I’ll be meeting at the El Tablon church!


“Hello dear Sponsor! In this letter, I tell you that I am happy to have a sponsor from the US. I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas. Here in Honduras, I am well with all my family, safe and sound. From the first day that you sent me the photos, I felt happy to see all your family. I like the flowers you made. They make me happy. Also the trees. My siblings are Milton, Angie, and my mama is expecting a baby. I pray to God that it is well and living. My papa had a motorcycle accident, but thanks to God, he is okay. He didn’t get hit too hard. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”


“Dear Alisa, I am happy to write to you. I hope that you are well and happy with your family. I am well here. i hope to learn more about you through your letters. I have two siblings. My parents are Ada Luz and Jose. I like to play soccer. I love to write. My favorite color is red. I wish I had a soccer ball. God will bless you for the things that you have done for me. With a lot of love, Cristian. Happy day to you and your family!”


This letter was written before he received his backpack, so it makes me so happy to think of him opening it to see the soccer ball he wanted! Also, isn’t this a great picture?

“I am very grateful for the help you give me and for the backpack and the supplies. I hope that you continue well with your family and children because God is the only God who protects us wherever we go. He protects my family and your family wherever we go because He is the only One who takes care of us. I love you very much, Alisa. Thanks for the gift you have given me. I am very grateful for all that you have done for me and my sister, Sofia. I love you very much, Alisa. May God bless you all the days of the year. TKM”


“May God bless you all the days. I always think about you. Thanks for the things you sent me. I am happy because you sent me a ball. May God bless you and your family. I love you very much!”


“Holy Week is important for me because we can enjoy it with our family. During my vacation, my families likes to go to the river and the church. I play soccer and swim with my friends. The typical Easter meal is tamalones (ticucos). Easter traditions in my country are dancing. My favorite part of Easter is to go to the river and be with my family. I dedicate this verse to you: Romans 3:23- I love you Alisa. Hello Alisa! I feel happy for the cross you sent me. I love it and I feel happy. I liked the photos that you sent me. They are very nice. In the United States the stickers are very nice. I like the drawing that you sent and I read the other things that you sent. All that you sent is very pretty. I would like to learn to make it. I love you Alisa. My mom was a girl called Lesli. The eyes are blue. With love, Cristian. This bird is a toucan.”


Isn’t he a great artist? Cristian’s so sweet and appreciative. I know he and his brother work hard at home, so I can’t wait to see him having fun with the other kids at the fun day!

Photo Friday: New Photos of my Manna El Tablon Children

As of today, it’s only 22 days until I arrive in Honduras with Manna 4 Lempira and soon after meet these wonderful faces! Here are my sponsored children from the El Tablon church that I will be meeting.

Maria, 13, in the year and a half that I have sponsored her, still wants to be a doctor. I love her big aspirations and her smart mind. She is from the most impoverished area of this community.

Cristian, 12, had his older brother leave school and therefore the program to help the family work. I’m always praying he can stick with school. In his second photo he is wearing the cross necklace I sent all of them!

Yeyson, 9, seems like such a nice kid, and I can’t wait to meet him and his little sister Greysi below.

Greysi, 3, is the little sister of Yeyson and looks so stinking cute in this photo trying not to smile.


New Photos of Maria, Cristian, Yeyson, and Greysi!

El Tablon is the feeding center with Manna for Lempira that I have the most sponsored children with. I am so tempted to sponsor another one or two specific children there that are calling to my heart, but since visiting Honduras with Manna may now be a very real possibility this summer, I’m conflicted about whether it may be too many children at one center…

Maria is 12 and my oldest Manna child. With each new profile she still says she wants to be a doctor, and I really think she can do it.

I love how it looks like she’s laughing about something. I just love this girl!

Every time that I see new photos of Cristian means that he’s still in school, which is such a huge relief to me. His older brother stopped attending school to work, so I’m always worried that there’s that possibility with him. And I lost one of my other children, Deilin, because she stopped attending school. Going to school is a requirement to stay enrolled in the Manna program. I recently wrote to Cristian (and all of my older kids), about how many more opportunities are available as a result of staying in school, encouraging them to do so. I want the best life possible for him and each of them.


11 year old Cristian is growing up fast and I think he looks even older than he is in this photo!

Yeyson and Greysi are the set of siblings that I sponsor. I couldn’t bare to only choose one, as I fell in love with both of them. 9 year old Yeyson always looks so kind and gentle.


The extra photo of him with the huge smile after receiving his backpack makes me SO happy! The letters for the children at Yeyson and Greysi’s church had to be distributed on a separate day, which means I got to see a photo of him wearing one of the shirts I sent him (the green one). It looks great!

And then there’s 3 year old Greysi, the little sister of Yeyson. This girl is absolutely precious.

In the photo of her with the letter, she is wearing a dress I sent her! I just love seeing this on her and fitting her well, because I was so excited when I found it while backpack shopping!

Letter from Cristian

In the previous batch of Manna 4 Lempira letters, I didn’t receive one from Cristian, so I was very glad to see one from him included this time, and it was so loving!


Cristian is 11 and lives in the El Tablon community of Lempira, Honduras.

“Dear Alisa, I want to tell you in this letter that I am happy to have a sponsor like you. I send you many hugs. I hope that you are well with your family. I know that in your heart God makes wonderful things for what you have done for me. I want to know more about you. I want to ask you a loving question. I love you and your family very much. I want to tell you that I am going to participate in points. I want to dedicate it to you and your dear family and your pretty cat. I want to know if you are well with your husband and your parents. With much love for Alisa and your family. I love you so much.”


I’m not sure exactly what participating in points means, but I’m assuming it’s something to do with school. I give extra encouragement to Cristian more than anyone else in terms of his education, because his older brother dropped out of school to work, and I know that it’s a very real possibility for Cristian too, but I want him to have those opportunities for himself that finishing school will get him. I want him to know I believe in him.

Photo Friday

I’m happy to have a few new photos of some of my Honduran kids to share on this Photo Friday!

When looking back through old Manna 4 Lempira videos, I found Cristian making silly faces in one! I think this video came out before I sponsored him, and I never went back and watched it until now. Here are a few screenshots:

Also from Manna 4 Lempira, I got to see some new photos of Junior. Never one to shy away from a camera, Junior always seems to find himself in front of it!

Here he is on the right with family, as they opened letters received:

And here he is getting his medical check up when the team visited during the summer. What’s cool is that I also have photos from his medical check up last year, too!


Photo Friday

In Honduras, our Manna 4 Lempira children celebrated the Day of the Child at their centers. We were able to receive photos/videos of them having fun! I got to see a couple of my kiddos celebrating.

I caught some glimpses of Junior in the Mi Betania video (he’s in the yellow shirt):

I almost missed Cristian in the El Tablon video, but caught him the second time around (in the white shirt):

And the Mercedes centers posted photos, where I got to see several of Ludvi!

I’m guessing that’s one of her sisters that she’s holding.

Yeyson was pictured writing a letter in a photo at his center recently, too. I can’t wait to receive it from him!


And finally, I’ve been getting to see lots more posted pictures of the United with Hope tutoring program in India, where Ramya attends. The amount of photos I receive of her is truly massive, and I love it! Here are just some of my favorites: