Letters from Evelin

I’ve received 2 letters from Evelin so far since I’ve started sponsoring her. I have another one on the way, but right now it says it “has a problem” so hopefully it won’t take too long to come through. I study every word on her letters even more so, as I’ll be visiting Evelin in just 71 days!


Evelin is 8 and lives in Guatemala.

Her introduction letter used the “Getting to Know Me Better” template. Evelin’s sister wrote this letter for her. I learned the names of her parents and siblings, where in the country that she lives, and that her eyes are brown. She wants me to pray for her family. “Dear sponsor Alisa, Evelin greets you and she is thankful for your sponsorship. She likes to play with dolls. Her favorite doll is the Cinderella. Your child is in first grade and she would like to know how the place where you live is. She sends you hugs. She thanks you for your correspondence for her. Thank you for your love.”

ev draw 1

Her second letter used the “My Family” template. Again it mentions her siblings’ names, and says that she spends the most time with her sister. She lives with her parents, siblings, and uncle. Her food is prepared by her mother. Evelin likes to help the family by washing dishes. She likes going out and having a meal with her family. Her faith background is Evangelic. She asks for prayers for her sick grandmother. This time, her mother wrote the letter for her. “Dear Sponsor, Evelin greets you with a big hug. She thanks you for her sponsorship and for selecting her. She likes to spend time with her family. She likes to seek God. She enjoys going to the Child Development Center where she learns many new things. She wishes that our Lord bless you and that the coming year be of great blessing in your life.”

ev draw 2

The family drawing is super cute! I really like that her family members write for her, because they know her best, and it helps me build a relationship with her whole family. They seem very close, and I can’t wait to meet her mother too and share God’s love with her when I meet Evelin!

Exciting News


After a long time of praying and deciding, last week I finally took the plunge and registered for the trip to Guatemala in July! It still doesn’t feel real, to think that in just over 250 days, I’ll be taking this leap and hopping on a plane to a country I’ve never traveled to before. I love to travel and of course I love working with children and families, as I get to do what I love every day as a teacher. I know this trip will be an amazing experience to merge these two loves while bringing God’s love to the people of Guatemala and becoming closer to Him in a new way myself, as well. I can’t wait to give Evelin a hug in person and tell her how beautiful and loved she is. I can’t wait to go to church and praise God alongside the Guatemalan people. I can’t wait to meet the babies and young mothers of the CSP and hear their stories and share in their hope. I can’t wait for all of it.

So I have some time to expand on my simple Spanish skills and plan and research and shop and pack and let it all sink in. It’s going to be an amazing experience.

Introducing Evelin Adali

I started sponsoring Evelin back in the end of August, after I lost Deysi because she left the program, but I haven’t posted in awhile. As a teacher, the end of August and all of September are very very busy times. I would work all day and then bring home more with me and work through the evening until I crashed and had to go to bed. It’s the life of a teacher in the beginning of the school year, and really, year round. But I’m beyond blessed to have this job after an awful school year last year at my old job. I have 40 little preschoolers that I just love and get to work with every day.

However right now, I’ve been spending a lot of much needed time on the couch after surgery on my back on Thursday. I’ve had lots of surgeries, including several on my back, which I think is the most painful location. I’m headed back to work in just 2 days, and right now, my body doesn’t feel ready to keep up with all the demands and physical aspects of the job. I’m praying that I take a turn for the better and am ready by then. But for now I’m going to catch up on my sponsor kids’ news while I can! There will be a series of posts over the next several days.

First up is Evelin. It was originally going to be the plan that I was going to go to Guatemala this coming summer, so when Deysi left, I needed to find another child from Guatemala. (Although now that the June Dominican Republic dates have been announced and I’ve found out that they’d work too, it’s a tougher decision). It took me some time and prayer to find the child that I was meant to sponsor, but Ms. Evelin Adali is it.gu9300661

Evelin is 7, and her school performance is above average. Some of the things on her long list of favorite activities include walking, dolls, art/drawing, ping pong, and singing. Don’t you just love that smile and the hands on the hips?