First Letter from Génecis!


Génecis is 3 and lives in Colombia

The letter uses the Introduction Letter template. It lists her birthday, her parents’ names,  and her friends’ names and ages. Her favorite food is spaghetti; her favorite color is blue; her favorite animal is a cat; her favorite hobby is playing; her favorite game is playing with dolls. Génecis’ questions are “What is your favorite sport?” and “Do you like to go to the beach?” The letter says “Hello, may God bless you. I’m Luz, Génecis’ tutor. I’m helping her to write this letter. She is thankful for you having chosen her and for the letters you have sent her. She says that she wants to become a doctor. She enjoys riding her bike. She says she loves her mom. She has a favorite dress that her mom gave to her. The verse given is John 4:19. Bye, Luz and Génecis”


Letter from Génecis’ Pastor

This letter is from Génecis’ paster in Colombia.


Dear Alisa, My name is Miriam Orozco, and I am pastor associated with the Child Development Center “Cielo Nuevo y Tierra Nueva” that Génecis attends. In our church we are really grateful for the support you are giving to Génecis. We fervently pray to God and thank Him for all of our children who have found special support in a person like you.

We are located on a mountain in a neighborhood with a few path roads, with tropical weather all year long. This area needs the implementation of publics services (like potable water, sewage system, streetlights) and better housing. The lack of it affects the health of children; there are many cases of illness and it alters their personal hygiene. We are praying to God for this situation to change soon. I know He will help us and will guide us to offer the inhabitants a better quality of life.

Many children live a reality that prevents them from having a thorough development and we would like to change this reality as soon as possible. They are surrounded by drug addictions, alcoholism, crime, and absence of the parents. The lack of interest from parents drives teenagers to seem haven in bad company, leading to teenage pregnancy and young boys involved in crime and ending up in jail. The high unemployment rate in the parents puts the children in risk of malnutrition.

For us it was a huge joy to find in Compassion a helping hand. The objective of our ministry is to work for the future of our children. So far, we have had around 160 children registered in the project.

I can’t even explain how happy the project makes the parents of the children. It is amazing to see their grateful faces because their children have the possibility of a better future than theirs, and that today their children enjoy education and medical checkups. The children in the center learn how to keep proper hygiene habits, how to relate to others by respecting the rights of the people around them, and how to protect the environment by promoting a recycling culture. The happiness of the children when they come to the center is noticeable.

We have seen how the children’s attitudes start to change and we are excited that they understand what we teach them about the love of God and to be grateful for what He does for us every day. During this time we have seen the glory of God, and how the parents of the children, who never thought they would come to our church, have come here seeking the help of God.

My biggest dream is that the children of the program get to know God from an early age so that they turn to Him for help as they grow older. We pray day after day for these children to grow into people who can show the love of God by helping others. I ask you please to pray for all of us here at the church and center for God to help us be faithful with the commitment we made before Him and before the community.

For us it is very important that you continue being part of our family. Let me tell you that your letters to Génecis hold a meaningful importance. Every letter sponsors send to these children makes them so happy because they understand that their sponsor loves them and wants great things for their lives. It gives these children hope and encouragement.

We pray for our sponsors every day and we hope God continues to shine over your lives, showering you with the power and love only He can give. Once again, I thank you very much for helping us turn this dream into a reality. You are a great blessing.

In Christ, Miriam Orozco

Introducing Génecis!

The next child to join my sponsor family was actually not a correspondent. I had fallen in love with little Génecis from Colombia and her picture as soon as I saw her. She clearly faces a challenge with her vision, but her earnest smile with her cute little outfit and bows tugged at my heartstrings with all the potential this beautiful little girl is full of. Before I could consider sponsoring her, she was gone from the site. Then a couple days later, she reappeared. I needed some time to prayerfully consider sponsoring her, but by the time I did and got off work, she was back off the site again. I was disappointed but glad she was being sponsored, and I resolved that if by any chance she reappeared again, I would sponsor her. Well the next day, there she was back again!


I’m so excited to be a part of Génecis’ life and get to watch her grow up! I’m also very happy to have another girl from Colombia. Her hobbies are learning about God and bicycling. I just know this is a special little girl.