First Letter from Jofre

EC046300299 Jofre #4

Jofre is 10 and lives in Ecuador.

“Dear Godmother, receive a cordial greeting from our Savior Jesus Christ. I want to thank you for the letters you have sent me. I send you great greetings and I want to tell you that on Monday I have a soccer inauguration. I thank you for the special gifts you have sent me, thanks. I want to tell you that on Sunday I went to Baños with my family. I want to ask you: how is your family? I want to ask you the list of your family. I study at Nidia Jaramillo School, I am in 6th grade of basic education, my favorite subjects are: Math and Language and my favorite sports are Volleyball and Soccer, I enjoy a lot on recess time. I want you to remember that Christmas and New Year’s Eve are approaching and we start another New Year. I thank you dear godmother with these words, thank you for the letters and for everything. Please pray for my family, for me, and my studies. I would like to ask you: how are you and your family?”



So sweet- I loved the reminder about the holidays!

Introducing Jofre!

In the beginning of November I was thrilled to find a new correspondent on my account from a new country for me! Meet Jofre from Ecuador:

EC046300299 Jofre #4

Jofre is 10 years old. His hobbies include learning about God, participating in service activities, singing songs, group games, running, and soccer. His three previous pictures are included below. I feel blessed to get to write to Jofre and let him know how special he is!