First Letter from Jose!

Jose current

Jose is 7 and lives in El Salvador

The letter uses the My Dreams template. When Jose grows up, he would like to be a firefighter. He would like to see snow and travel on a plane. Someday he would like to meet me because “he loves her very much”. Also someday he would like to meet Jesus. The letter says “God bless you Alisa. We greet you lovingly, on behalf of Jose Geovany. He says he feels very happy to write you, and he thanks you for the letters you sent him. Geovany wants to tell you that if he were God for a day, he would paint the wings of the butterflies with the beautiful colors God has created. Geovany wants to ask you to help him to pray for him so that God gives him wisdom in his studies, because thank God he is studying first grade and he wants to get good grades. He says goodbye not without first telling that he and his family pray for you, and they ask God so that He blesses you in your life. With love, Geovany. This letter is written by the tutor”



Letter from Jose’s Pastor

I received this letter from Jose’s pastor in El Salvador.

Jose current

Dear Alisa, May or Lord Jesus Christ bless you greatly. May name is Reverand Rolando Ernesto Doradea Bustamante. I am the pastor of Tabernáculo Bíblico Bautista Comasagua and the Huellitas de Jesus Children Development Center ministering to Jose Geovany.

Thank you for loving and sponsoring Jose. It is a great blessing for him. This ministry is located in a picturesque village located on the top of a very important mountain range called Cordillera del Bálsamo. Our children grow up surrounded by pine trees and coffee trees. I am sure you have tried delicious coffee made of these coffee beans.

Even though there is richness of vegetation in our village, people are very poor. Most of the inhabitants lack education so that they have no steady job and cannot support their families. They do not live in decent houses and there are sicknesses and children’s malnutrition. our inhabitants are very vulnerable, especially our children.

Therefore, the valuable contribution of Compassion International helps up so much to supply the needs of our community. We help them in different ways. We give our children food and clothes. We also generate jobs for the members of our church who serve in our ministries. However our noblest work is to make our children accept Jesus Christ in their hearts.

Our children strengthen their spiritual lives and value from the letters they receive from sponsors. These letters bring such joy and happiness and excitement. They feel loved and cared for and encouraged. This relationship created through letter writing is most beneficial. These letters have blessed our children more than you can imagine. It is important that sponsors write to their children. The children also benefit greatly and enjoy sponsor visits. This year we enjoyed a group visit and the children had so much fun.

As our community faces big problems every day, our vision is to make a new Comasagua with Christian citizens who change their environment for good. I am sure it will come true as long as we have faith in our Lord.

I ask you to continue to pray for us. I ask you to pray especially that our Lord Jesus Christ continues to use our lives to reach more people, show them the kingdom of Heaven, and give food, clothes, shoes, and medicine to our children.

Finally, we thank you for your valuable support to Jose. We owe you your great love and compassion you show us day after day, minute after minute, and second after second. We ask you to pray for us. Remember  that we are praying for you.

Your servant in Jesus Christ, Pastor Rolando Ernesto Doradea Bustamante

Introducing Jose!

So for awhile, I’ve been going back and forth on the Compassion trip this summer to El Salvador. It’s in July, which is the best month for me. It would be my only chance to meet sweet Lucia before she graduates. And it’s only 5 days, so the cost isn’t too bad. I’ve felt the pull, then I thought maybe no, then I didn’t know. I’m also waiting to hear from Manna 4 Lempira about their summer trips and the dates and prices for those. Because my Manna kids have been asking more and more lately about me visiting, and I adore those kids and in what other trip would I get to meet so many of my sponsored kids at once?? It’s definitely a goal of mine to take a trip to Honduras with Manna 4 Lempira in the next couple years, at least. Hopefully they announce soon, to help me figure this out…

Anyway, in the meantime of me looking for a sign for El Salvador, I was assigned a new correspondent from you can guess where. A sign? Maybe! And just look at what his shirt says! Jose is 7 and he’s had 2 sponsors but never received a letter or a gift. Well, before now!