Introducing Latifatou!

The same day that Jabes was added to my account, I went on to write a letter to him and I noticed another new face among my children. I have been wondering if and when I would ever receive a girl correspondent, so I was so delighted when I saw the face of a beautiful little girl! I have 13 boys as correspondents, whom I absolutely love and wouldn’t trade for anything. I’ve never made gender-specific requests for correspondents because I’m happy to write to any child that God wants me to, and I was starting to think his plan was to give me only boys as correspondents, which was fine with me. But then I saw Latifatou, from another new country for me, Burkina Faso, and this special child of two firsts stole my heart.

Here is her most recent picture and the one before. Latifatou is 7 years old. She likes learning about God, playing games, and dolls. Her schooling is listed as “other”, like Beto’s so I don’t believe she’s currently in school.

I’m looking forward to getting to know sweet Latifatou and more about Burkina Faso!