Letter from Mugisha Isaac


Mugisha Isaac is 6 and lives in Uganda

The letter uses the My Family template. He has 3 older sisters and lists the names of them. His family’s faith background is Anglican. His favorite thing to do with his family is collecting firewood, and his favorite way to help is fetching water. His food is prepared by his older sister. They live in the rural area of Gishegera, Uganda. The letter says: “Isaac says Christmas was very good. He enjoyed it with his family members and they ate good food. He went on to say that there are no special Christmas traditions. He went on to say that his New Year’s Resolution is to study hard and perform well in school. His prayer requests are good health for him and his family members.”


It looks like his mom uses a cane based on the drawing. I hope she is doing okay. Reading the letter and hearing about what he likes to do with his family, it’s hard not to notice the contrast of 6 year olds here in the US. I like his resolution!

Letter from Albia

I was extra excited when I saw that I had a new letter in translation from Albia and her mom, because even after just two letters received, I feel very close to the family. I know they feel the same way, and this latest letter is just as special!


Albia is 5 and lives in the Philippines.

The letter uses the My Hopes for the Future template. In the future, Albia hopes to learn about cooking and wants to go on a field trip. She hopes to visit America and would like to meet her sponsor. When she grows up, she wants to be a teacher. Here is the picture she drew:


Next was the letter from Albia’s mom. It says “Dear Alisa, How is your 2018? On her third quarter, Albia got an award from her school. She was so happy from receiving your Christmas gift which we bought a dress and sandals. She was very glad wearing them, she said she’ll take good care of them. As a mother, I am so thankful for all your support. I hope you had a happy Christmas. I’m happy to read your letter once again. What season is it in your place now? I pray that God will guide and give you strength every day. God Bless, Respectfully Yours, Benia (Albia’s mom)”

Her mother, who is probably around the same age that I am, is doing a wonderful job raising her family in very difficult conditions. To get to form the connection with her, along with Albia, means so much to me.

First Letter from Jabes

I was very excited to receive my first letter from Jabes! Both of my correspondents in Rwanda were assigned to be at the end of January and I’ve already heard from both of them before February ended! There are correspondents I’ve had for months longer that I haven’t heard from yet, so that is really impressive.


Jabes is 4 and lives in Rwanda.

The letter uses the My Project template. Jabes goes to his project once a week and it is 1km from his home. He walks there. Typical activities he does there are studying and playing. His favorite activities at the project are praying and singing. He typically eats rice and beans there. The letter says “Dear Alisa, your child Jabes is greeting you in the name of Christ our Lord. He was very happy for your photos that you have sent him. He thanks you so much for your support of prayers to his family. Jabes likes playing, singing, and reading. Concerning about his studies, he is doing well and studying in nursery school. He wishes to be a policeman. He thanks you so much for your communication and accepting his letters to you. His favorite color is blue. His family is wishing you God’s peace and blessings.” The letter was written by his father.


I just want to give Jabes a big hug every time I see his sweet little face. This is a really sweet letter written by his father!

Letter from Marcus

I received a new letter from Marcus last week. This is my second letter from him!

BR042600458 Third

Marcus is 14 and lives in Brazil

“Hi dear godmother, how are you? I am fine. Here at school I finished elementary school and now I’ll go to high school. I am very excited to start classes. My favorite thing to learn is about English. I’ve already got some practice and I hope I’ll learn more. Thank you for your letter and pictures. I hope to receive more of them. I have many questions to ask you. Do you have kids? Are you married? At school I am taking many courses to focus in the area I hope to work at. With love, Marcus”

I’m very proud of him that he’s going to high school and he’s excited about it! Marcus lives in an area where gang violence is prominent, but it seems like he is staying focused, which is so awesome. It’s also great that he’s learning English! Of course I’ll be asking him which area he hopes to work in.

First Letter from Zakayo

I received my first letter from Zakayo very quickly too!


Zakayo is 5 and lives in Tanzania.

The letter uses the My Dreams template. Someday he would like to visit his sponsor’s home. Someday he would like to see his sponsor smile. Someday he would like to help his family with cleanness. Someday he would like to be like his father. Someday he would like to meet his sponsor because “I love you”. When he grows up he would like to be a teacher. The letter says “Zakayo greets you, praise the Lord Jesus. I am very happy to get the chance to communicate with you. He is thankful for the nice letter which you sent to him. He is thankful for your sponsorship. He prays that you can have good health. His family is thankful to you. May you be with the same heart. He is continuing well here at the center. Teachers teach him the Word of God he is continuing well at school.”


Such a nice first letter from this little guy!

First Letter from Clemence

Clemence had been my correspondent for less than a month when I received her first letter! That is amazing, because a couple years ago, it would often take up to 6 months to receive the first letter. Clemence is my little ray of sunshine.


Clemence is 4 and lives in Rwanda.

Her introduction lists the names and ages of her parents and that she has a 1 year old baby brother. Clemence’s favorite color is green, her favorite food is rice, her favorite game and toy are playing with a ball, and her favorite subject is English. She lives in a village. The letter portion is broken up into different sections. Message for my sponsor: “I thank you for choosing to be my sponsor.” Question for my sponsor: “Where do you and your family live?” Prayer for my sponsor: “Wish you blessings in all you do.” Prayer requests from child: “Pray for my success in studies and to have eternal life.” “My dream is to be a doctor and the drawing is a flower.” The letter was written by her mother.


This is my first letter from Rwanda, and I like the template that they used. And it’s always fun when a family member helps to write the letters. I’m excited to hear from this little beauty!

Letter from Lucia

Could Lucia’s letters be any more adorable??

ES078100038 Current

Lucia is 21 and lives in El Salvador.

“Beloved Alisa, I send a warm and lovely greeting, hoping deeply God blesses your family with health. Throughout this short letter I want to tell you about my future dreams. What I want to be most is a chef. I would like to prepare delicious food but also, I would like to visit Egypt pyramids, and to know the tallest building in the world. I would be excited to sail by ship. Another dream that I have is to know my supporter because I love her, and I want to give her lots of hugs. I would like to meet a famous artist. Do you know the pyramids? I feel grateful because of the letter and three pictures, they are gorgeous. Here in trees live squirrels, birds, and snakes. There are fruit trees, such as: mangoes, avocados, oranges, zapote, how delicious they are! Please pray for me because I need His protection everywhere. With love, Lucia”


She’s so cute. I love that meeting me was among her many dreams! Her dreams are sweet and ambitious and the genuineness of her writing is the best. I knew as soon as I saw Lucia that I had to be her sponsor, and I’m so very grateful that I am!