Letter from Lucia’s Pastor

I recently received a letter from the pastor of Lucia’s center. It’s shorter than most, but still a great letter and full of love that he has for these kids. I always enjoy pastor letters as extra insight!

ES078100038 Current

Lucia attends ES781.

“Dear Alisa, My name is José Miguel Serrano. I am the pastor of Tabernáculo Bíblico Bautista Sinaí las Conchitas Church in La Libertad, El Salvador. I minister to Lucia at the accompanying Child Development Center.

I am thankful to God with all my heart for your sponsorship of Lucia and that you her happy.

Right now our community faces many problems such as poverty and violence. These two problems affect our children. Our church is working through the Center to reach the children and their families.

Our vision as church and Center is to help our children and young people to study in college and train them to be good men and women for our community. The Center has been a great tool to make our children’s families come to church and seek Jesus’ love. Right now our church has a Bible school on Sundays and we also have other beautiful ministries in the community.

The young people and the children from our Center really value the support that their sponsors provide. They get so excited when they receive a sponsor letter. The correspondence from sponsors is very important for children, they keep every letter they receive and place it in a special place. They save all letters they have received and become part of their valuable belongings. Every day they ask to the coordinator if they have received a letter. It is something very important for them.

I am so glad to write to you and I wish you the best in all your dreams and plans.

Thank you for loving Lucia. Blessings in Christ, Pastor Miguel Serrano”

Introducing Lucia, and a letter!

For some time, I had been wanting to sponsor an older child (really, young adult) because I know it’s harder for them to get sponsors, and how much the encouragement of regular letters means to them especially at an older age. I browsed the oldest waiting children daily for awhile, looking for one that God was calling me to, being patient for Him to show me the right one. For an even longer time, I had been wanting to sponsor a child with Down Syndrome. I have worked with many children with Downs in my career in special ed and have a huge heart for them. When I saw Lucia, I didn’t even need to think twice, I just acted and clicked “sponsor this child”. This beautiful 20 year old young lady from El Salvador was clearly God’s answer to me.


(Lucia’s most current photo is on the right, and you can click on them to see them larger.)

Lucia lives with just her mom, and in her years of sponsorship, she has received one birthday gift and not one letter.

The lack of letters simultaneously broke my heart but also reassured me that God was calling me to this sweet girl, because that letter count was about to change.

After sending her two letters, I received my first letter from Lucia, and all of this happened in a period of about 3 weeks!

The letter was written using the All About Me template. Lucia’s favorite game is soccer and she has 2 sisters, although I don’t think they are living in the home with her, so maybe they are older and moved out. She likes to cook, eat chicken, and the color pink. The letter says: “Dear Alisa, Lucia is happy for sending this letter. She wants to be a chef because she likes to cook. Her favorite Bible story is Noah’s Ark and she enjoys to attend the center because she likes the computer. She asks your prayers for her mother and job. With love, Lucia”