Letter from Luna

I got a letter from Luna late last week that had been in translation for just under a month. I was thinking for sure I’d have to ask for it to be manually unstuck, but it made it through all on its own. I absolutely love hearing from Luna, my very bubbly young teen girl. Every letter from her is a joy.


Luna is 13 and lives in Colombia.

“Dear Alisa, Hello Godmother. May God bless you abundantly. May God’s grace always be upon you. I am very happy to write the letter and tell you that the project’s name where I go is Hombre Nuevo CDC. The number of children in my project is 364. The days that I go to the projects are on Wednesdays and Thursdays. I also want to tell you that my favorite activity at the project is classes. Godmother, let me tell you that the staff that works there is very friendly and they are respectful. I want you to know that the cooks that work at the project prepare delicious foods, such as rice, beef, chicken, and natural juices. School is going very well for me, even my teachers always congratulate me. Godmother, I tell you that everything is thanks to God, who gives me wisdom. Godmother, I am very sad because my grandfather passed away and that was very hard for me. Thank you very much for all your letters and gifts. Kisses and hugs. Goodbye, Luna

‘and may the Lord make you increase and abound in love to one another and to all men, as we do to you,’ 1 Thessalonians 3:12”


Let me tell you, that if Compassion were to offer a summer tour to Colombia, I would figure out a way to be there to see this girl, without a doubt.


Letters from Luna

I’ve received 2 letters from Luna since my last update. I absolutely love this awesome girl and hearing from her is always a great treat!


Luna is 13 and lives in Colombia.

First letter: “Dear Alisa, Hello sponsor! May God’s glory be with you and your entire family. I’d like to tell you about all the beautiful things I’ve learned at the CDC and the Bible. It has taught me to be obedient and behave well with others and share with them. We have also celebrated birthdays and have camps, in which I have fun because I count on God with much love. I always remember He died on the cross to save us. What I like most at the CDC are the classes! Because they teach me to respect the elderly and say thanks. I like keeping my body clean and I don’t like littering in the streets because that’s not good. Now I’d like to keep telling you that my school year is almost over and we’re about to have a school break. Feel happy because Christmas is coming! I’d like to know: what do you know about the Bible? Would you like to tell me? I thank God because we get to communicate by means of this letter. I’ll be waiting for your soonest reply, bye! With a tight hug, Luna.”

This letter makes me smile every time I read it because of the bubbly 13-year-old girl style of writing in which she tells me everything. But I really love hearing about topics that they learn about at the center! It’s a wide variety of subjects and life skills, which is great!

Second letter: “Dear Alisa, Hello dear sponsor. May God bless you. I am pleased to greet you and tell you that I love you very much. I hope you receive this letter with love. I tell you that in my free time I like taking a nap. My favorite activity is doing my homework in the internet. When I am not in the project I like learning to be a professional. In the project I have learned now things about the word of God and how to pray. When I am bored I like going to my room and taking a nap. I have fun going out with my step sister in the park because we have lots of fun. I tell you that I received your letters. I use my talent in art class. My favorite movies are Twilight and Two Meters Above the Sky. You look beautiful on the photo you sent me. I don’t have any traditions for this season. I thank you for your presents. Bye. May God bless you, Luna.”

I just love how she mentions taking naps twice. This is a girl that makes getting her rest a priority! I looked up Two Meters Above the Sky, and it is a Colombian movie, which would explain why I’ve never heard of it 😉

Letters from Luna

I’ve received 2 letters from Luna! One is her introductory letter, and the other is a response to some of my letters. I love when I get specific responses to things I said. I am beyond excited to have heard from her. My sponsor of Luna was undeniably an act of God. It happened when I was on the Act for Compassion campaign page I had set up. As I like to sometimes browse children waiting and pray for them, I decided to do so on that night. This time, I set the search criteria to children who shared my birthday. I had no plans of sponsorship. But when I saw Luna, I almost immediately clicked and filled out the sponsorship for her. It’s something that I can’t even really explain, except to say that I know it was a much higher power acting through me. I didn’t question it, because if God has plans for me to be her sponsor, then it’s a responsibility I don’t take lightly and gladly accept.


Luna is 12 and lives in Colombia.

Her introduction letter told me her favorite things, her friends, some questions she had for me, and her family members. It stated:

Hello Godmother! GOD bless you. I’m so glad to write you and to know I’ll be part of your life. I would like you to send me a photo to know you. I say goodby with a big hug and many kisses. I hope your prompt answer! Psalm 121:5


Her second letter was written on August 18, not that long ago! I’m definitely loving how many letters have been coming through lately with the manual translation. It says:

Hello sponsor. God guards you and your family. I want you to know that I live with my stepdad, my mom, my brother, and my step siblings. My older sister is Camila and my youngest brother is Jesus David. I tell you that my family lives in a rural zone and my mom makes our delicious food. What I like to do with my family is go on trips and to eat, we like to talk, play, and watch movies and I feel very happy to have my family and I thank God for them and for letting you be a part of my life. Sponsor I tell you that I am very happy to write you this letter and I thank you for the letters you sent me. I tell you that I want to be a pediatrician. Yes I’ve seen pigs and learn about computers in my school. I ask you to pray for my family and for me and I say goodbye with affection and a big hug. I give you the Bible verse on Psalms 23. I love you so much.images-6

Mail Call Monday

Letters have been very slow lately, and I’m still waiting for my letter from Angeles which has been in translation for about 2 months now, but at least I got 2 in the past 2 weeks. One is a pastor letter, but it has to be my favorite pastor letter yet. The other is from Maria, who I hadn’t heard from in some time, compared to what is usual from her.


From Maria, age 6, in Mexico



Hi Alisa! How have you been? I am fine here. I have been doing well in school. I am learning lots of new things. I have to do a presentation tomorrow in school, and it is going to be about the typical food that we eat here in my community. I am also getting ready to start going to elementary school, since I will graduate from preschool this July. I hope that everything is going well over there. God, Our Lord, has never left me by myself because He loves you, me and everybody. Have a good afternoon. I bid you farewell. Love, Maria

Love all the flowers at the bottom!


From the pastor of Luna, age 12, in Colombia


Dear Alisa, My name is Maria ****, and I am the pastor associated with the Child Development Center, ****, where Luna attends. I want to thank you in a special way for the support you give Luna, as it is a huge blessing to her and her family. I thank God for your life and pray for you to be abundantly blessed for your special heart. Today I want to tell you a bit more about this community. This is a place surrounded by arid mountains, with high temperatures that are contrasted with strong and pleasant winds that pass often through the area. This is an area mostly populated by families displaced by violence, socially marked but working hard to move forward. The program, through this wonderful partnership with Compassion, works on generating a positive impact in the lives of the benefited children and their families. I also want to tell you a bit about our pastoral work in this community. My husband and I lead the church that assists the center. One of our functions, among others, is visiting the children’s families to give them an encouraging word in the middle of their difficult life conditions. Together wit the leaders of the center, we provide a large amount of attention to the needs of the children and parents, who really need to feel loved and protected. Families usually work in informal jobs, while others take care of farms in nearby towns, so their incomes are very low. The children are exposed to spending much time by themselves, so that is why the activities at the center bless their lives in a great way by providing the children with company, education, spiritual support, nutrition, medical checkups, and medicine, among other benefits. Every passing day I can watch the improvements in the children, like how they spontaneously offer to pray to thank God for the food and how the smallest children kneel to pray to God with so much devotion, and it fills my heart with excitement and strength to carry on with this wonderful work. It is thanks to the kindness and support of sponsors that we are allowed to change the destiny of these children in a community in need of much love and prayer. It is thanks to your support that we can see hope reflected in the faces of the boys and girls of this community. I can see in them great men and women, professional physicians, lawyers, engineers, and more. They are the children that will inspire a whole generation, and this is all thanks to sponsors like you! The golden seal in this great work is that the children get to know about Jesus, accept Him as their Lord and Savior, and have a beautiful relationship with Him. Please pray for our church, the center, and for our ministry staff. They are committed to the children and teenagers to make their dreams come true, but this is not an easy task and there are new challenges to face every day. Once again I thank you for your support, and for giving me the chance to share these words with you. You are very important to us and to Luna. I only want to tell you one more thing: the importance of the sponsor-child relationship. Please write periodically to Luna. This is something very important to the children and they are always very happy to hear about their sponsor. If only you could see their faces when they read these letters! It is exciting to see their faces lighting up in happiness and their eyes shining brightly! May the Lord reward the work you do and bless you and your family. Sincerely, Maria

I just love this letter and it’s so beautifully written, maybe because it was written by a woman 😉 What a wonderful pastor and project it sounds like! I hope to be able to visit it someday.

Pichuberries, Luna, and and Life


When I was grocery shopping at Mariano’s this weekend, a fruit I had never seen before, the Pichuberry, caught my eye. These interestingly named fruits come from Peru, where both Angeles and Cristofer live. Curious and always up for trying new produce, I got some. They are little plump orange balls, with a somewhat similar taste to a tomato, but much sweeter than the sweetest tomato. And they are less liquidy inside. Probably more similar to a tomatillo, but still much sweeter. Looking it up, they are also packed full of vitamins and minerals and are VERY good for you! It was fun to try something new from their country, and I like them a lot! I’ve been putting some in my salads this week and eating them by themselves too.


I got some more information about Luna, as well as her previous photo. Look at how timid she looks in her first photo, and how she is radiating with confidence in the latest one! THIS is Compassion in work, right here in her transformation in 2 years time. And Luna has had 2 previous sponsors and only received 3 letters between them, as well as 3 gifts. Something tells me this girl is going to be teaching me things, and I cannot wait until I start to hear from her!

I’ve posted little bits before about my job situation not being good at all this school year (I’m a teacher). Last month, after talking with others and determining that it was the best option, I resigned effective the last day of school. Which means I don’t have a job right now come fall, which can be a very scary thought. I am trying to put my trust in God, and know that He will lead me to where I’m supposed to be, but, being human, there is still some anxiety present because of the direness of the situation. One lyric that has been really helping lately is Casting Crown’s “Just Be Held” when he says “You’re world’s not falling apart it’s falling into place.” It helps to believe that I went through all I did this year to have to find a new, better job, which is where I’m supposed to end up. That all being said, I have 2 interviews the next 2 days, one of which is at a place that I especially love. I’m so hopeful that I’m starting to get them, but interviewing tends to make me second guess myself. If you are reading this and could spare a few seconds for prayers, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

Meet Luna, and a Challenge


This beautiful girl is Luna. She is 12 years old and from Colombia, and we share the same birthday. She is the newest addition to my Compassion sponsored children. Here’s what happened… Last night, as I was reviewing my sponsorship campaign site (more on that in a minute), I felt inexplicably drawn to browse through the children waiting for sponsors. It always pulls on my heartstrings when I see pictures of these children, and I like to pray for them that they find the right sponsors and soon. However, when I saw Luna’s picture, I felt something else; something more. I saw her and I knew, she had to be my newest Compassion daughter. I’ve found with my other children, that when you feel a strong pulling towards a child, as I’m sure any of you sponsors do, that that is the hand of God. Still, I decided to pray. I prayed that if Luna was supposed to be mine, that God would let me know by keeping this calling in my heart. I walked away and did other things to see if when I came back, I still felt that calling. Well, I did. I had it within my means to take on another sponsorship and still be ok, at least right now, so I clicked through to start the sponsorship and immediately I felt a combination of excitement and peace. You see, I have an income through the rest of the summer, but I chose to resign from my current teaching job at the end of May due to many changes to the district and practices that affected me and my students this year that I am not comfortable with. I don’t currently have a job lined up yet for the fall, although I am actively working on it. It is quite scary, leaving a job without having another one lined up, but it is a huge exercise in trusting in God.

Considering all of this, I thought back to one sponsor who shared her story this past weekend during the Act for Compassion Conference. After saying the Lord’s Prayer one day, she reflected on the line “give us this day our daily bread”. She realized that she had more than enough, and she wasn’t giving God the opportunity to truly provide her daily bread, since she had enough to provide it herself and more. As a result, she felt called to sponsor a large number of children, and ever since, God has provided and she has miraculously had enough to fund their sponsorships month after month. Her amazing story really stuck with me. And if she could sponsor many, many more children, I could certainly sponsor Luna, and trust that God will help to provide us both our daily bread.

Which brings me to my sponsorship campaign. After the conference, I was inspired to create a campaign through Act for Compassion, with a goal of getting 5 children sponsors. Now, thanks to a push from God, I have 1 child out of 5 sponsored. So, I challenge you this: whether you’re already a sponsor or not, I challenge you to take a leap of faith and put your trust in God to sponsor a new child. My page features children who have been waiting the longest, but you can specify more or other search conditions within the page. Just click this image below to get to it:

act for compassion

Just look at some of the beautiful faces who have been waiting so long to hear those life changing words that they’ve been sponsored:

waiting children

Who will you release from poverty?

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