Letter from Luna

I received a letter from sweet Luna, who told me all about her house!


Luna is 14 and lives in Colombia

“Dear godmother, today I want to greet you very affectionately sending you many hugs and kisses through the distance, wishing God will bless you and fill you with His Holy Spirit. Godmother, I want to tell you that the house I am living in with my family is made a part of bricks and another part of zinc. It has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, the living room and the kitchen are together, and its floor is a part made of cement and a part is a dirt floor. Its roof is made of fiber cement. The water that comes to my house is from the river, they pass this water through the hoses but clean it. My house has electricity and I can enjoy it. Godmother, the bed I sleep in is a single bed where I can rest. I want to thank you for all those pretty letters you send me. The birds live in the mango trees and sing. I am very grateful with God because He gave me life. I say goodbye asking you to pray for me every day. I expect your answer soon. I send you many kisses and hugs, Luna”

Letter from Luna with a Photo!

I received the thank you letter and photo from the family gift I sent to Luna’s family 6 months ago. I just adore this girl!


Luna is 14 and lives in Colombia.

“Hello Godmother, may God’s blessing be shed in your life every day. I wish you are very healthy. I would like to know: how are you? I tell you that my family and I are very well. I am studying in 7th grade at a different school than last year. I have new friends and I am very happy to study so I can turn into a professional. I want to use this moment to thank you for your nice present. I liked a lot the clothes, the quilt that looks very pretty on the bed, the dinner service you sent me is also very pretty, the set of glasses, and the plastic chair. Godmother, thank you from my whole heart for looking after my wellbeing. My family also thanks you. My mom is very happy with the pretty dinner service. Godmother, you are very important in my life and family. I ask God to always bless you and guard you. I ask you to always include me and my family in your prayers. I give you this Bible verse: Isaiah 58:11. I say goodbye with a lot of love and affection, Luna”


I’m so excited to see her mom and little brother in this photo! Luna looks really happy. I’m glad that they were able to get a variety of items and things that they wouldn’t normally be able to get, and that her mom got some nice dining ware that she’s happy with. Her words are so sweet and sincere, and she just completely has my heart. My birthday twin Luna has been special to me from the beginning, but I love her even more with each letter. I am praying for Compassion to offer a summer group trip to Colombia so I can go visit her!

Letter from Luna


Luna is 14 and lives in Colombia.

“Hello dear Alisa, I wish God’s blessing is upon you. I write you this letter with much love. I want to tell you about my favorite friend named Saray. My favorite activity is watching Chavo del 8 in TV. I like it because it makes me laugh. Godmother, I want to tell you that my mother prepares a delicious food that is yellow rice with chicken and ripe plantain and soda. What is your favorite food? I also tell you that the sport I like most is watching soccer and skating. I would like to know: what is your favorite sport? Godmother, I want to thank you again for your letters and the gifts. I thank you for the support you have given me and for being my sponsor during all these years. Godmother, I want to tell you that it has been raining a lot lately over here. I say goodbye asking to pray for me. I’m looking forward for your answers soon. Luna”

She is the sweetest ❤

Letter from Luna

My birthday twin recently turned 14, but I received this letter before our birthday.


Luna is 14 and lives in Colombia.

“Hi dear godmother Alisa. God blesses you richly. I tell you I am happy to write you again. In this opportunity, I want to tell you about my friends: Nayarith, Daniela, Viviana, Valeria, and Andrea. I like talking and doing work in groups. Also I have a friend, she is Nayarith, she and I are best friends, we met at last school. I like to have friends to go out, talk, and play with them. Why do you like having friends? Who is your best friend? Godmother, I am happy to get your letters and presents. I feel thankful because your presents are valious. I tell you I am doing well at school. I like seeing movies and going to the park with my friends and sister. I am fine, thank God. I say goodbye and I hope for your reply soon.”


Letter from Luna

I received a letter from lovely Luna earlier this month!


Luna is 13 and lives in Colombia.

“Dear Alisa, God bless you dear godmother, may the glory of God fall on you. Today I’ll give you these lines. I’m especially glad to share with you this letter and tell you my school vacations have been fun. I wake up late, I’m in my home and watch TV, visit my sister and talk with her, and she gives me lots of tips. I also tell you that my school vacations last about 30 days. I don’t have a favorite food. I like all sorts of food. During my vacations I like to share with my family. In my next vacations I would like to go to Medellin, I think it’s a very nice place. For me it is important to express my gratitude for all the letters you sent me and the gifts I receive from you. I would love to know, how long are your vacations? What season are you in now? I leave you hoping for a quick response. I wish you again that God bless you!”


Letter from the Country Director of Colombia

This week I’m sharing the letter from the Country Director of Colombia. The director, Jose Carrasco, mainly serves as the South America area director, but helps as country director with some of the South American countries, too. He is a very busy man, I’m sure! I really hope to be able to go to Colombia someday soon to meet Luna, who I sponsor there.


“Dear Alisa, Greetings in Jesus’ name! My name is Jose Carrasco. I am the South America area director, and I’ve been privileged to serve as the interim country director of Colombia since 2014. I was born in Peru. I am married to Laura, and we have two wonderful children, Jose Alonso and Natalia.

Compassion has been serving Colombia for 45 years. We currently have more than 240 child development centers in Colombia, and we are serving 77,000 children and youth. Through sponsors’ generous and selfless giving, children feel loved, cared for, nurtured and supported in many ways. You have made all this possible for Luna through your sponsorship and your prayers. You truly are making the difference in your child. Thank you so much!

Unlike a child who is not in a program, a sponsored child has a safe place to go each day. At the centers, children have the opportunity to learn about the love of Jesus and to identify their strengths, develop their gifts and talents, and overcome difficulties. They are taught, among other things, that they are special because they are children of God.

We do face struggles daily. Compassion serves Colombia’s most impoverished children and their families. The children are at high risk of sickness and even death in their early years. Every day, they are surrounded by violence, the absence of one of the parents, etc. They also face economic crisis, in which unemployment and the cost of living are extremely high, making life increasingly difficult for those who live in poverty. Lack of water and access to good medical attention is a daily struggle. Hospitals lack medicine and equipment. The families cannot turn to government education or its agencies, as these do not offer the help they require.

By God’s grace, we will continue to go forward and overcome any obstacle that presents itself. Compassion Colombia has improved its program and materials to better empower the church to fulfill its mission. Churches work hard and diligently to serve the children better through training, materials and mobilizing local resources. We are developing child protection networks and early childhood and youth development strategies so we can help more children to become responsible and fulfilled Christian adults. It happens when the church of Christ gets mobilized in prayer and action to intervene in children’s lives.

Nourishing the relationship between the sponsor and the child is of utmost importance. I encourage you to write letters. When a child receives a letter, it means more to a child than you will ever know. Your words really affect your child positively. Knowing that someone who lives so far away is praying and thinking about them makes children feel loved and appreciated.

I cannot express my gratitude for your sponsorship for Luna. Your giving has changed the destiny of your child, and that is priceless! My heart fills with joy as I express my appreciation and recognize your generous giving. May the Lord bless you and your family. We covet your prayers and promise also to pray on your behalf.

Sincerely in Christ, Jose Carrasco”