More Photos of Maria from Manna and letters too!

I haven’t provided updated photos and letters from my Manna 4 Lempira kids in awhile. They are long overdue. I sponsored Maria back in October, not long after the El Tablon project opened. Her smile full of light drew me in, and the confirmation of God’s calling I got after made my love for her that much greater. I’ve since received two letters from her and several photo updates. In fact, the Manna team just got back from Honduras, so I was just treated to her most recent photos in the past week. And I can’t stop looking at them and smiling.

When I began sponsoring Maria

From December 2016

From April 2017

From July 2017

She just has that twinkle in her eyes and a light that glows from inside that I hope she never loses. I love this girl.

The first letter was a general introduction letter: “I am grateful for the backpack. May God bless you for all your life for the supplies. May God keep you well. Many thanks for the supplies that help me continue going forward. I wish you much luck.”


Second letter: “Alisa, With love, I hope you are well. All is going well in school because you give me support. May God bless you. I hope you are well. With love for the supplies that you gave me. Know that I love you very much. Until soon. I will see you. I like to play ball and to play chase. Hope you are well. Thank you. I am in sixth grade. May God bless you.”


Introducing another Maria

If you’re not familiar with Manna 4 Lempira, they recently expanded and opened up a 3rd project in another area, El Tablon. If you’re not familiar, please do check them out, if for no other reason than to pray for them, because the work they’re doing is truly wonderful for children in Honduras. I have 2 children at each of their other projects: Heidy and Junior are from Mi Betania and Brayan and Deilin are from the Mercedes project. When the children of El Tablon were posted, I read through the information sheets of each child, praying for each one that they would find the right sponsors for them. There were so many children, and I knew there would be many eager and generous sponsors to start taking on some of them right away, but others I knew would have to wait longer. When Manna was starting to introduce El Tablon, they updated their profile picture to include a girl with the most radiant smile on her face. I smiled every time I saw her picture as the profile. I was sure this sweetheart would be sponsored right away.

Yesterday, however, as I was looking through the photos of the children still waiting for sponsors, I noticed Maria’s photo was still included. Over a week since these children became available for sponsorship, I was shocked no one else had sponsored her yet. Then I felt a strong pull, a voice in my heart, saying “She’s still available because you’re the one who’s meant to sponsor her.” I couldn’t shake this voice. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this incredible message. Both Elvis and Angeles had been waiting 200+ days when I sponsored them, and I couldn’t fathom why at first. But then it became clear: they were still there waiting for me, because I was meant to sponsor them.

When I inquired about sponsoring Maria, imagine my joy when I was told that the whole Manna team would be very happy because they were really pulling for her! What a blessing God has given me in this new addition to my family. I’ve learned through my time sponsoring children to trust in God’s plan, and He will provide. I can’t wait to get my first letter to her in the mail along with the letters to my other Manna children, so she knows that she has a sponsor in time for Christmas. Here is beautiful Maria: