Letter from Oxford


Oxford is 6 and lives in Ghana

The letter uses the My Holiday/School Break template. His school break is in the month of April and lasts for 3 weeks. During this time, he often goes to the city and his favorite person to spend time with is his mother. One person he’d like to visit on a future school break is his grandmother. The letter says “Dear Alisa, pray for me and my family to live long. Oxford said his family and he are doing well as you said. Oxford says no to answer your question, He prays to God that He will heal you and your country from every sickness forever. Oxford says, if he was God, he would have stopped the snow from falling and made the weather conducive.”


New Photo and Letter from Oxford!

When I got the email that I had a new letter from Oxford to view, I also saw the happy surprise that his photo had updated! My little guy is growing up! The new photo is with the green shirt.

Oxford is 6 and lives in Ghana.

The letter uses the My Typical Week template. Oxford typically gets up at 5am and typically goes to church and school each morning. In the afternoon, he typically plays with his friends, and in the evening he typically does his homework. Oxford typically goes to sleep at 8pm and his favorite day of the week is Sunday because he goes to church. The letter says “Pray for my parents to get money, says Oxford.” And then it lists the responses to questions I asked him in a past letter that don’t make much sense out of context 😉


Letter and Photo from Oxford!

I was thrilled to have a photo attached to Oxford’s latest letter! The photo is from the birthday gift I sent him, which was less than the picture minimum, but I really appreciate when centers still send photos for smaller gift amounts too!


Oxford is 6 and lives in Ghana.

The letter uses the My Hope for the Future template. In the future, Oxford hopes to learn about creative arts, he wants to visit tourist sites in Ghana and Africa and the USA. When he grows up he wants to be a nurse/healthcare worker. In the future, he hopes to help his project, support his community, and help his parents. “Pray for my family and my younger brother says Oxford. What I really am learning about in school is Jesus Christ says Oxford.”



Letter from Oxford!

I recently received a new letter from cute little Oxford!


Oxford is 6 and lives in Ghana.

The letter uses the Weather template. There are two seasons in Ghana, namely dry season and wet season. Right now, the weather is cold. When the weather is sunny, he likes to play football, swim, and read story books. Oxford likes it most when the weather is cold, because it is always favorable for playing with friends. “Dear Alisa, pray for me to God to grant me wisdom and to help me to become a great person in the future, says Oxford. I am doing very well. I thank you for the words of encouragement. May the Good Lord bless you. Thank you, says Oxford.”


The blue orange made me smile! His ball and chair are very good, as is his perspective drawing of a house!

Letter from the Country Director of Ghana

This week’s Country Director letter is from Ghana. I’ve been sponsoring Oxford there since January, and in 6 months time I already received 3 letters. The communication seems to be frequent and the turnaround time very quick, at least in my experience.


“Dear Alisa, I am Padmore Baffour Agyapong. I have been the country director of Compassion Ghana for five years. Compassion Ghana is 11 years old. We are currently supporting more than 68,000 children in about 250 child development centers.

I sincerely wish to express my utmost appreciation to you for sponsoring Oxford in Ghana. The challenges the children and their families face include high unemployment rates, low income levels, lack of health facilities, inaccessibility of potable water and toilet facilities, harmful cultural practices, child abuse, and inadequate infrastructure.

Schools in the rural communities are largely inadequate and dilapidated. Some children must walk long distances daily to attend school. Some schools lack libraries, computer centers, and trained teachers. In some places, health facilities either do not exist or are seriously under-resourced. Lack of access to health care is so serious in some communities that children and their families lose their lives from preventable and curable diseases such as malaria, worm infestation, and tuberculosis.

Sponsorship makes a tremendous impact on the lives of children and their communities. Children receive age-graded Bibles and learn God’s Word. As a result, many confess their faith in Christ and are able to demonstrate the love of God to other people.

Before one boy entered Compassion, his single mother could no longer take care of her children, so she abandoned them and left the community in search of a job. She could not find a job, yet she failed to return. When the child was registered, the center staff followed up on the mother and brought her back to the community. Not long after, her child’s sponsor sent them a family gift that she used to open a bookshop. Profit from selling books now serves as her regular source of income, and she is able to support her family.

Children have access to medical care and receive an annual comprehensive health screening, after which center staff follow up to ensure that all required care is done. Last year, several children had surgeries that their families couldn’t have afforded. Children receive everything necessary to stay in school (school uniforms, books, supplies, tuition fees, tutoring, etc.), and are also trained in income- generating skills such as sewing, bead-making, shoemaking, baking, etc.

When they graduate from the program, these children will be physically healthy and economically self-sustaining. Literacy rates will be higher. This coming year, we will focus on children’s water, sanitation and hygiene needs and also roll out a new youth development strategy. In addition to Compassion programs, our partner churches minister to the community through activities such as evangelism, community cleanups, and other outreach programs.

The exchange of letters between sponsors and their children creates a close bond between them. Encouraging words from sponsors mean so much to the children. They feel loved and treasured. The thought of having caring sponsors abroad who write to them makes them feel special. Children who do not receive letters from their sponsors look sad when their friends receive letters. These children always look forward to the day when their sponsors will also write to them; some actually pray about it. I wish to kindly request you to write to your sponsored child as often as possible. Children cherish the letters.

I am grateful for your deep love and concern for Oxford. Your sponsorship has opened the door of hope for the future of your child. We will continue to pray for God’s blessings for you and your family.

Thank you, Padmore Baffour Agyapong”

Letter from Oxford

I received this letter from Oxford last week while I was in Guatemala.


Oxford is 6 and lives in Ghana.

The letter uses the My Christian Learning template. Oxford says his favorite thing he learned about Jesus is how He cares for children. He learns most about Jesus from church and school. His favorite Bible verse is Acts 18:9 “‘Don’t be afraid’ said God to Paul”. His favorite Bible story is Paul and Silas in prison. When he prays to God, Oxford says he always prays a long life and love for his friends. He forgives his siblings when they offend him and he tells his friends about Jesus’ love. The letter says: “I pray for safe and successful trip towards you and I also want God to guide my family as usually, says Oxford. Am doing very great with the protection from the Almighty, says Oxford. Oxford says thank you for the gift you sent him!”


Letter from Oxford

This is my second letter from Oxford, who just turned 6 on July 2nd! Oxford is the child I sponsored in memory of my grandmother who passed away in October, and they share the same birthday. So with the sadness of having it be the first birthday of hers with her not here for it, thinking about this little guy having a happy birthday all the way in Africa helped a lot.


Oxford is 6 and lives in Ghana.

This letter was written in the My Family template. Oxford has a sister who is 8 and two younger brothers who are 4 and 1. His family’s faith is Christian, and he lives in a town with them and his siblings. His favorite ways to help his family are in the kitchen and fetching water. The letter says: “Dear Alisa, Oxford says pray for him to humble himself in all the days of his life and God should protect you and family. When I grow, says Oxford, I will also make some difference in other peoples’ life.”


Introducing Oxford, and a Letter!

In January, I took on a very special sponsorship. I lost my grandmother in October, and I had a very difficult time with her passing, as I was very close with her. I thought that the best way to honor her was to sponsor a child in her memory, as she was all about giving and helping others, and she loved children. I searched for children with the same birthday as my grandmother over several weeks. I was looking for the right child, and I know I’d know who it was when I saw him or her. And eventually I saw Oxford and I knew. My grandmother would absolutely love this bright smile that could light up a room. Oxford became my first African child, as previously I kept all of my children to the Western Hemisphere, but it seemed fitting to expand out to Ghana for him. Whenever I see Oxford’s picture, I smile, which is a perfect way to honor someone who I still very much miss every day.

I’ve received a first letter from Oxford since I started sponsoring him, too!


Oxford is 5 and lives in Ghana.

In his introduction letter, I learned the names of Oxford’s family members, that he lives in a town, and some of his favorites. His favorite song is gospel, his favorite food is rice and stew, his favorite color is yellow, his favorite game is playing football, his favorite toy is a car, and his favorite pet is a cat. It says “Oxford is much delighted and thanks you for choosing him. Oxford says pray for him to become a doctor and to be a good boy. He prays for God to grant you a long life and also bless you abundantly in all areas of your life. He wants to know please what is your full name?”

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