Letter from Tsegereda’s Pastor


Tsegereda lives in Ethiopia.

“Dear Alisa, My name is Endalkachew and I am the chairman of the elders’ board in the Shashemene Meserete Kristos Church where the Child Development Center functions. It is located in the Aposto sub-city of the town of Shashemene. We minster to Tsegereda at this center.

Due to the support from sponsors, many of the lives of the children who are registered in our center have been transformed and they now have a better life standard. God bless you for supporting Tsegereda.

There are more than 240 children at our center and many good things were done for their parents and their families, for which they are happy. The problems that come side by side with poverty in our community are many. Our inability to meet all the needs of our society due to our capacity is the great challenge for us and the community. The church coordinates with the community and tries to find solutions to these problems. Due to our discussions, behavioral problems are being fixed and changes are seen. As the community participates in various developments in our surroundings, they have acquired good awareness. In their spiritual lives, in their education, and in various social interactions, growth has been observed.

The communication through letters between our children and their sponsors is so important; every bit of correspondence strengthens their relationship. The children are always so happy to receive a letter and read about their sponsors’ lives and their words of advice and encouragement. They are eager to write back and tell about their own lives.

In this ministry, a great relationship has developed between the church and the community and good works have been accomplished. In general, this center has brought a holistic transformation and we bless the Lord for you and all the sponsors.

Please pray for the children we serve and for their families so that their lives and living conditions will be transformed.

May the lord bless you and for your generous support of Tsegereda. May God bless Ethiopia and bless you and your family! Sincerely, Endalkachew”

Letter from Jofre’s Pastor

EC046300299 Jofre #4

Jofre lives in Ecuador

“Dear Alisa, Receive a warm and special greeting in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I wish that the Lord may spill many blessings on your life. I am Pedro, pastor of the Bilingual Gospel Center “Embajadores del Rey” and the Compassion Child Development Center, “Luz de Vida”, ministering to Jofre.

I am very grateful to you for helping Jofre in all his needs. Thanks to you, various ministries have grown considerably. Sponsor support is invaluable to our kids; they feel your love and kindness despite the distance.

Our community is in an area of extreme poverty, where work is scarce due to population migration. It is impressive to see how young people are desperate to leave the community, in order to find somewhere with better opportunities in life. It is for this reason that our greatest challenge is to positively influence the lives of youth, instilling in them the love of their roots and parents. We want to help them excel in school, so that one day they can become professionals and in the future help their family, and the community of their birth.

The vision of the church is to provide a ministry to preach the Word of God to transform the mindset of families. And also we want children and adolescents to fulfill their dream of being professional and have an ecclesial ministry in the service of the church. The vision of the Center is to prepare children in the spiritual and academic areas, so that they become good people with strong values. Compassion International and the Center play a ver important role within the community. The Center is recognized as the benchmark of service and social aid to children. Therefore, anyone who has a need or trouble asks the pastors for help and then is drawn to the Lord. We offer family counseling, health and hygiene training, spiritual talks and workshops for parents. And we also do community service through “mingas”, which helps to clean the place where we live. Our community is all very supportive and united. We all give each other a hand in times of need.

Last year we had close to 80 young people who accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior and 60 of them were baptized. The same people are now involved in the church youth ministry, being an example for families and future generations. We currently have close to 60 families who attend the church. All this is thanks to the financial and spiritual support we receive from sponsors like you.

It’s very important for Compassion Children to know they have a sponsor somewhere far away from here. But more important is that they feel your love for them, that you’re constantly praying for them, that you congratulate them on their birthday, sent cards, letters, etc. Many times they don’t get all this from their parents, so you have to know that your attention means a lot to them, and they do appreciate it greatly. For this I encourage you to communicate with Jofre regularly.

Please keep praying for us, as leaders of the church, that the Lord will give us wisdom to continue working on behalf of our children. I will also pray for you. So that God will bless you in all you do and undertake.

Again, we thank you very much for all the blessings we continue receiving from you. With love, I say goodbye, but not before telling you that you invest your resources in the best bank, which is the Kingdom of Heaven. Blessings, Pastor Pedro”

Letter from Alex’s Pastor

I received this letter earlier in the summer from the pastor of Alex’s center. It’s a lovely letter!


Alex attends HA266

“Dear Alisa, My name is Ostiné Emile, I am the pastor of the Wesleyan church of Mango. We minister your child at the Child Development Center here. I pray that God is gracious and compassionate for you because of your sponsorship of Alex. Thanks to sponsors’ help many children in the community are accessible to school, hospital, and to God’s word.

Mango is located in the 1st rural section of Anse-á-Galets. It consists of about 1000 people. We do not have access to clean water, latrines, hospital, and roads. We have to walk a long way before finding some clean water. So, the poverty is ravaging that community. We cannot grow our gardens due to a lack of rain. It did not rain for ten months. We lost all our crops.

Without the church in the community, the situation would be worse. The church meets many problems like digging a cistern in order to save water during the drought season. Thanks to the presence of Compassion in the community, the poor condition of the parents is alleviated and many children can read, write, go to hospital and they can hear God’s Word. Also, we create jobs for some people in the community in order to meet their family’s needs. I congratulate every sponsor for this precious ministry for valuing the children. We love the children and we appreciate them. I advise them to become responsible.

I want you to know that the letters and photos mean a lot in the relationship between the sponsored children and their sponsors. It permits them to share piece of information about their family, their country, and their culture. Also, the letters allow the sponsors to inform about the children’s promotion at school, church, club, and in their family. It is very important for the children to know they are loved by receiving letters. I hope you know how valuable your words are and that you will write to Alex regularly.

We have a good staff that consists of teachers and instructors to teach the children Bible verses and stories about Jesus and Moses’ lives. My goal is to have an evangelical church that can transform the community and to make the children become valuable citizens, good Christian leaders, and to reinforce our partnership with Compassion. The children of the center are so different and privileged compared to those who are not part of it because they are transformed.

I cannot stop thanking sponsors for their supports towards the children in the world throughout Compassion International. Through this way they help the churches go further. At church, we are praying for you a lot so that God can bless you much more and give you good health. Please, pray for the children so that God can make a way for them and do efficient work in their lives and that they can always remain in Jesus.

I pray that God give you more blessing. I love you so much! Thanks!

In Christ, Ostiné Emile”

Letter from Mugisha’s Pastor

Earlier in the summer, I received a letter from the pastor of Mugisha’s center. I know that he lives in an area that is very much in need, so it was great to learn more about what the center is doing to help this community!


Mugisha attends UG709

“Dear Alisa, I am Herbert Mujabwami, pastor of St. Andrew’s Cathedral Seseme in Muhabura Diocese, southwestern Uganda. We minister to Mugisha Isaac at the Seseme Child Development Center.

We are very grateful to you for the support that you continuously give to Mugisha. May our good Lord keep blessing you.

Our community has fertile soils but is densely populated, thus we have limited land for cultivation. It also has many cases of alcoholism and sexual immorality, which causes a high rate of HIV/AIDS infections. The church has a big responsibility of ministering to this community so that its members will receive Jesus as their personal savior.

The biggest challenge is that the children find it hard to get money for school, food, and sometimes even shelter. Being in town, many men go early in the morning to look for work and return late in the evening, so it is difficult to get them involved in our ministry.

The vision for the church and center is to equip all the people to extend the love of God to others and transform the community.

The center has demonstrated practical love to the children. We have supported children by providing medical treatment, hygiene training, education, social training, economic skills development, and spiritual discipleship. many children now have the skills to earn a living in the future. Others serve in the church in many ways, such as preaching the word of God. We have a formerly sponsored child who completed studies and is now working at one of our development centers and another one who is now working at the bank. We have several children who have graduated and attending colleges to study agriculture and nursing.

The church ministers to the community by reaching out to the elderly, helping in solving family conflicts, and giving pre-marital counseling. The church also teaches the youth and adults about self-reliance and good health practices. God is doing a lot of transformation in our community through this ministry.

Approximately 85% of our sponsored children’s families attend our church, 10% attend other churches, and about 5% are still struggling with faith and do not attend any church yet.

The relationship between children and sponsors is very important. The children, especially those who are orphans, feel the love of a parent when they receive a letter from their sponsors. They feel they have someone who cares for them and supports them. Thus, they have no fear about the future. Unfortunately, some children do not receive letters and they feel discouraged. So, we encourage all sponsors to please write to these little ones, as every word of love brings them great excitement.

We request that you pray for the children in the program and that all sponsors will keep supporting them. Pray also that parents will practice what they are taught, especially in doing work to complement the support Compassion is giving. Pray for our staff at all levels to remain committed to the program and that everyone in our community will maintain good health.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to share with you through this letter. We thank you again for your generous support of Mugisha and for helping our ministry flourish. May the Lord bless you, keep you, and shine upon you.

Sincerely, Herbert Mujabwami”

Letter from Lucia’s Pastor

I recently received a letter from the pastor of Lucia’s center. It’s shorter than most, but still a great letter and full of love that he has for these kids. I always enjoy pastor letters as extra insight!

ES078100038 Current

Lucia attends ES781.

“Dear Alisa, My name is José Miguel Serrano. I am the pastor of Tabernáculo Bíblico Bautista Sinaí las Conchitas Church in La Libertad, El Salvador. I minister to Lucia at the accompanying Child Development Center.

I am thankful to God with all my heart for your sponsorship of Lucia and that you her happy.

Right now our community faces many problems such as poverty and violence. These two problems affect our children. Our church is working through the Center to reach the children and their families.

Our vision as church and Center is to help our children and young people to study in college and train them to be good men and women for our community. The Center has been a great tool to make our children’s families come to church and seek Jesus’ love. Right now our church has a Bible school on Sundays and we also have other beautiful ministries in the community.

The young people and the children from our Center really value the support that their sponsors provide. They get so excited when they receive a sponsor letter. The correspondence from sponsors is very important for children, they keep every letter they receive and place it in a special place. They save all letters they have received and become part of their valuable belongings. Every day they ask to the coordinator if they have received a letter. It is something very important for them.

I am so glad to write to you and I wish you the best in all your dreams and plans.

Thank you for loving Lucia. Blessings in Christ, Pastor Miguel Serrano”

Letter from Finka’s Pastor

I’m eagerly awaiting my second letter from Finka, to get to know her better, but in the meantime, I did receive a letter from her pastor recently. I enjoy reading the pastor letters because it lets me learn a lot more about the child’s community and center specifically!


Finka attends ID230 in East Indonesia

“Dear Alisa, I am Reverend Agabus Salawe, the Chairman of Harmony Church Protestant Seventh Indonesia and the Emmaus Child Development Center where we host and minister to Finka.

Most of the people in our community are very poor and uneducated. Many children cannot attend school because they have to help make a living with their parents. Poverty also results in many children who must live apart from their parents due to abandonment. The presence of Center in this area is very helpful address this challenge and to provide a holistic development for the children, releasing them from poverty in Jesus’ name.

In the over 200 children we serve at our Center, including your child, we are seeing great benefits and improvement. They have a good achievement in the school. Their health is much better and their parents see much better behavior and respect and they are polite. The spiritual life of the children is growing in a better direction and some children are able to lead worship and other services. All of this can happen because they were carried with the holistic program applied by Compassion through this sponsorship program and because of people like you.

The impact of the Center on the entire community is clear. People are increasingly concerned with the lives of children, education for children, and protection of children. People are starting to realize the importance of respecting the position of the child in their environment. Likewise, the government is beginning to teach courses on child awareness and protection. This is a very unusual thing. This is very pleasing, as we believe that the children are our future generation who will make great Christian leaders and who will change the community for the better.

The letters that the children receive from their sponsors are very important for their development and also for their self-esteem. The letters and photos make the children feel loved and motivated and diligent in the activities at the church and Center. They love to respond and share their lives and their dreams. For this reason, it is very important for you to write to Finka.

Thank you so much for supporting Finka. Please pray for the continued development and growth of all our children and the Center and the community.

May the Lord bless you abundantly. Shalom, Pastor Agabus Salawe”