Letter from Angeles

The second one in a short time! Although she has always been one of my most frequent letter writers.


Angeles is 8 and lives in Peru

The letter uses the My Community template. Her community is located in the Piura region. Common types of transportation are tuk tuk (small motor taxi) and bicycle. They speak Spanish, and a fun thing in her community is Independence Day. The letter says “Dear godmother, I greet you in the name of Jesus. I tell you that at Christmas, I celebrated with my family, and we ate turkey at hot chocolate. In my country, the animals who live in trees are squirrels. Thank you for your letters. How are you? I ask you to pray for my siblings. I say goodbye with love. Angeles”


Letter from Cristofer

Love my letters from Cristofer!


Cristofer is 11 and lives in Peru

“Dear Godmother Alisa, Thanks for writing and for telling me what you do. Thanks for the pictures you send always. My family and I are doing well, thank God. I was chosen to be a part of the main marching crew at school. We’re practicing on Saturdays because my school was invited to participate in the parade for Independence Day which we celebrate every year in July. We’ll also have a presentation for Mother’s Day and we’ll pay homage to them with poems, songs, and traditional dances from our region. We had a friendly soccer match at church with a group of kids from Sunday School. We’re learning about Joshua in our devotionals. I say bye with much love. I ask you to keep praying for us. Cristofer”

Letter from Angeles and a Photo Update!

I recently received a photo update for sweet Angeles in Peru. This is the second update since I’ve sponsored her. It’s so fun to watch her grow! I’m putting all three side-by-side below (click to see them larger):

Angeles is 8 and lives in Peru

The letter uses the My Family template. She tells me her 2 siblings’ names and that they live in a rural area. At home, they cook with gas, and her favorite way to help is looking after her siblings. Out of the people in her family, Angeles spends the most time with her mom. The letter says “Hello godmother, I spent the summer in Lima and I had so much fun walking in the park. Thank you for your birthday present. I bought a school blouse. Where did you spend the summer? Please pray for me. Goodbye, Angeles”


Letter from Jesús’ Pastor

Here is a letter from Jesús’ pastor in Peru.


Dear Alisa, My name is Ricardo Rodriguez Purisaca. I am the pastor of Nazareno church where the ministry of children Sembrando Futuro Child Development Center works. This is the place where your sponsored child attends. This center is located in the city of Lambayeque region of Peru.

I want to express my gratitude for the gesture of love with which you identify yourself towards the supportive help on children in extreme poverty who participate in this ministry so that every sponsored child can be assisted the best way in the four areas of development like the physical, spiritual, cognitive, and socio-emotional ones. Your sponsorship of Jesús David does so much and we know that your attitude will be rewarded by our Creator and His lovely son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

The city where our church is located is the agricultural area where they sow rice, corn, sugarcane and all kinds of vegetable stews. This year we had to face the drought in the beginning when we sowed rice. Lots of sown field was dried, but thank God the rain came on time and we could save part of what had been sown.

I want to tell you that the children are very excited about coming to the center as they see a great difference of attention to them. We give them affection here. The activities they do in the center are: they play with their classmates, they have their time with God, and they study a subject called Learning for Life. They get ready to have lunch and then they pray for their lunch. They brush their teeth and pray to say goodbye. What we teach children in the center has helped their attitude of life and their parents are very thankful for the teaching they receive thanks to sponsorship.

At the center, the children are taught to strengthen their spiritual life. They are centers of great blessing on their lives. They are also taught knowledge and abilities for their future life with a book guide called My Plan for Tomorrow through which they learn to express their attitude in their life circumstances. They learn to value and they overcome their defects. It has been and is still an impact on their center in our community because our church has become well-known and we have even had the visit of the mayor and the visit of a congressperson of the Republic.

Thanks for the communication you have with Jesús David through the letters and presents you send. The children feel extremely happy when they get your letters. They are taught and encouraged to pray to God in their hearts for their sponsors, their families, their health, and their work. At the same time, let me encourage you to have a continuous communication through letters with Jesús David. Thank God we had the visit of two sponsors. The children and their families were so glad to welcome the sponsors with excitement because they were visitors. We are waiting for the moment and the proper time in which our God will bless you so that you can visit us and Jesús David in our city. Thanks again for your great gesture of love. I wish you many blessings upon your personal life and family. May our Creator always pour out His blessing upon the goals you have set!

Blessings, Ricardo Rodriguez Purisaca

First Letter from Jesús

I was so excited to receive my first letter from Jesús! I’ve great experiences with my other kids in Peru, and Jesús sent a wonderful first letter too, that was written just 13 days before I received it! At just 7 years old, he is already writing his own letters and writes very well.


Jesús is 7 and lives in Peru

The letter uses the My Family template. He has 4 siblings, and lists their names, and he lives in the city. At home, his mom does the cooking. Jesús helps out with sweeping, making his bed, and looking after his siblings. He spends the most time with his mom and his siblings. The letter says “I’m doing well with my family. I want to thank you for the letter, pictures, and the minions drawing to color. Thanks. I love Jesus. I have a white shirt I got for Christmas. School already started. I’d like to know how you’re doing. I ask you to pray for my studies and my mom who is working in a house. I say bye with a big hug and kiss. Jesús”


So cute!!

Letter from Cristofer


Cristofer is 11 and lives in Peru

“Hello Dear Godmother Alisa, I greet you with all my affection and love and hoping you are in good health. Thank you for the letter you have sent me, the things for what I am thankful to God for are my brother, my parents, and for me. Thank you for telling me what you are doing, I was praying that God can continue giving you strength. Thank you for the drawings to color. Let me tell you that I am on my summer break and I am having a nice time with friends and family. I have gone to the beach in Lambayeque. It is getting really hot here. I like having ice creams, especially the strawberry ice creams. Do you like ice creams? Which flavor? I ask you to continue praying for my family and for me. I saw goodbye with love wishing our God can guide you. Cristofer”

Love this kiddo! ❤

Letter from Angeles with a Photo

Back in the spring, Peru had some terrible floods that did a lot of damage, including destroying the home of Angeles and her family. They lost everything, and so of course I sent a family gift. I was so happy to receive a letter last week to see what they were able to buy with it!


Angeles is 8 and lives in Peru.

“Dear sponsor, I greet you in the name of the Lord Jesus to tell you that I am in good health and hope you are too, in the company of your family. I would like to tell you that it’s super hot in the place I live. I’m enjoying my school break. Thank you for the money for the reason of family gift. We could buy a plastic table with four chairs and a pair of shoes which we are very happy with. How is your vacation going? I ask you to pray for my parents so that they get to know God. I say goodbye with a big hug from the distance. Angeles”

I have so many emotions reading this letter. To see this nice new, sturdy table and chairs that they were able to purchase fills me with joy. It’s the biggest blessing to be able to be connected with these children and their families and use my money to directly help others. I can’t imagine a better way I could have used the money that provided this table and chairs along with the pair of shoes that were probably very needed but very low on the family’s budget list. Being in families’ homes in Guatemala, plastic tables and chairs are the standard, but I didn’t see any in as good of shape as this, so I know it will last them for a long time. I’m also so proud of Angeles. She’s clearly very bright for her age, having written her own letters for some time with beautiful handwriting and spelling. I didn’t know before this that her parents hadn’t accepted God into their hearts, but I know that with her grace and light, God will work through Angeles to reach them. I’m so excited to be a part of this special girl’s life for many more years to come!

Letter from Angeles


Angeles is 8 and she lives in Peru.

The letter uses the My School template. Angeles is in 2nd grade and she walks to school. Her favorite thing about school is her classmates and her favorite subject is communication. The letter says “Dear Godmother, greetings in the name of Jesus. Thanks for your letters. I am so glad to know about you. Hope to get a pair of boots, a bike, and a big doll. What I love most at school is to learn to read every day and learn the addition. I am happy because Christmas is coming up and it is a special day for me because I will go on vacation. Do your children like studying? Please, pray for me to finish my studies successfully. Blessings, Angeles”


Letter from Cristofer


Cristofer is 11 and lives in Peru.

“Dear Alisa, I am happy to write you again and in that way greet you with much affection wishing that you and your family are doing well. My family and I are doing well. Thank you for the letter and picture you sent me, thank you for telling me what you do. I’ve never seen squirrels but I know about a place called Jayanca where there are mango trees and plum trees. People plant yucca and potatoes to eat, there are birds one of them is called hummingbird, I don’t know about other animals that live there in the trees but the people who live there raise cows, pigs, hens, ducks, horses, and many other animals. My mother’s family live in that place. I will study until January. My favorite subject is Math too. In the church, we participated in a talent contest. We did a choreography called “Danza del Arroz” (rice dancing) we disguise as bulls and donkeys and we won the contest and we received as a prize a bingo game and a dinner in a chicken grilled restaurant that will be on Saturday 16th this month. Soon we will celebrate Christmas and we thank Jesus because He was born into the world to save us. I would like you to tell me. What do you do to celebrate the birth of Jesus. I ask you to keep praying for us. I say goodbye with love. Cristofer”