First letter from Rukundo and a Photo Update!

Not long into being Rukundo’s correspondent, I already received a photo update! I’m including all 3 of his pictures below so you can see his growth! (Click on photos to see them larger)

Rukundo is 7 and lives in Rwanda

The letter uses the My Typical Week template. He typically gets up at 6 am. In the morning he typically takes a bath and goes to school. In the evening he typically washes plates and plays with others. He typically goes to sleep at 8 pm. His favorite day of the week is Saturday because he goes to the project to study. The letter says “Dear Alisa, I foremost greet you. I loved the letter you wrote to me and want to answer the questions that you asked me. I have a family, my father, mother, and siblings. I like to study, to play with other children, and my favorite color is yellow. I don’t have a pet but I wish to have one. I like a cow and a goat. When I grow up, I want to become a great player of soccer. I like to go fetch water with other children. I send you a photo of my family as you asked me. Drawings: a flower, a cup, a house, and a car”


The letter mentioned sending a photo, but there isn’t one attached and it doesn’t indicate a photo should be included at the top of the letter. Maybe it means he will send one?

Introducing Rukundo!

If I could ask for prayers, I have a decision to make between either traveling with Manna 4 Lempira to Honduras this summer or traveling with Compassion to El Salvador. It’s so hard, because I’d love to do both, ideally, but I don’t have the funds for that. I’m praying for a clear direction on which trip I’m most needed on.

Yesterday, I was very excited to see a new face when I checked my Compassion account! This is 7 year old Rukundo. He is my 3rd child in Rwanda since January, but I’ve had a great experience with the country already and have been amazed at how quickly I got letters from Jabes and Clemence. So I’m very excited to send some love to Rukundo too, who hasn’t received any letters or gifts in the 3 years he’s been in the program.

Rukundo means love in Swahili! ❤

His big eyes in the first photo are so sweet and I love his sweater in his current photo!