Letter from Zakayo


Zakayo is 5 and lives in Tanzania

The letter uses the My Friends template. It first lists the names of some of his friends. Activities Zakayo does with his friends are playing ball, running, and reading books. His friends go to school with him. His best friend is Yohana, who is special because he teaches me to read the Bible books and do the chores. He goes to the project with Zakayo.  The letter says “Sorry for the diseases. Here we do not get sick often except for malaria. I’m so happy for the good pictures you sent me. My family and I are fine and healthy. I would like to answer your question if I could be God for one day. Zakayo failed to answer that question.”


First Letter from Zakayo

I received my first letter from Zakayo very quickly too!


Zakayo is 5 and lives in Tanzania.

The letter uses the My Dreams template. Someday he would like to visit his sponsor’s home. Someday he would like to see his sponsor smile. Someday he would like to help his family with cleanness. Someday he would like to be like his father. Someday he would like to meet his sponsor because “I love you”. When he grows up he would like to be a teacher. The letter says “Zakayo greets you, praise the Lord Jesus. I am very happy to get the chance to communicate with you. He is thankful for the nice letter which you sent to him. He is thankful for your sponsorship. He prays that you can have good health. His family is thankful to you. May you be with the same heart. He is continuing well here at the center. Teachers teach him the Word of God he is continuing well at school.”


Such a nice first letter from this little guy!

Introducing Zakayo!

About a week ago I found yet another new correspondent from another new country for me! This is Zakayo from Tanzania.

I’m eager to learn more about Tanzania as I learn more about him. Zakayo (I love his name) is 5 years old. He comes from a very impoverished community. He has a whole laundry list of interests and enjoys learning about math and reading. My introduction letter to him went through extremely quickly, and I can’t wait to hear from him!