Letters from Yeyson

Yeyson is the older of my siblings at the El Tablon church with Manna 4 Lempira. It’ll only be a year next month that I’ve been sponsoring Yeyson (and his little sister Greysi), but already I have so much love for him.


Yeyson is 9

“Hello my dear sponsor! I wish you the maximum blessings. Thanks for the things you sent me. I am very grateful to you, thanks to God. I want to meet you very soon to introduce you to my siblings, my parents, and my friends. I hope to see you in person very soon. May God give you many years of life. I want to tell you that I am very happy.”

“Dear Sponsor, Hello! How are you? I hope that you are well. Thanks for choosing me, but I hope to meet you in person or in more photos. I am very happy that you are my sponsor. I hope that you write me. I am going to have a birthday at Christmas. I have a sister and my parents. My parents are Tina and Omar. My sister is Greysi. Thanks for being good to me. I will pray for you and for my family. I have aunts and uncles. I have a grandmother. I love her very much. I dismiss you, but not forever.”

“Holy Week is important for me because we celebrate by swimming and sharing with family. During my vacation, my family likes to go swimming. The typical Easter meal is ticucos, tamales, fish cakes. Easter traditions in my country are Lempira Day. My favorite part of Easter is singing. I dedicate this verse to you, Haggai 2:9. Thanks for all that you have done for me. I love you very much. i am always thankful to you. I want to tell you that I am praying for you. May God bless you. I love you so much! Thanks for the backpack that you sent me! May God bless you today, tomorrow, and forever.”



Photo Friday: New Photos of my Manna El Tablon Children

As of today, it’s only 22 days until I arrive in Honduras with Manna 4 Lempira and soon after meet these wonderful faces! Here are my sponsored children from the El Tablon church that I will be meeting.

Maria, 13, in the year and a half that I have sponsored her, still wants to be a doctor. I love her big aspirations and her smart mind. She is from the most impoverished area of this community.

Cristian, 12, had his older brother leave school and therefore the program to help the family work. I’m always praying he can stick with school. In his second photo he is wearing the cross necklace I sent all of them!

Yeyson, 9, seems like such a nice kid, and I can’t wait to meet him and his little sister Greysi below.

Greysi, 3, is the little sister of Yeyson and looks so stinking cute in this photo trying not to smile.


New Photos of Maria, Cristian, Yeyson, and Greysi!

El Tablon is the feeding center with Manna for Lempira that I have the most sponsored children with. I am so tempted to sponsor another one or two specific children there that are calling to my heart, but since visiting Honduras with Manna may now be a very real possibility this summer, I’m conflicted about whether it may be too many children at one center…

Maria is 12 and my oldest Manna child. With each new profile she still says she wants to be a doctor, and I really think she can do it.

I love how it looks like she’s laughing about something. I just love this girl!

Every time that I see new photos of Cristian means that he’s still in school, which is such a huge relief to me. His older brother stopped attending school to work, so I’m always worried that there’s that possibility with him. And I lost one of my other children, Deilin, because she stopped attending school. Going to school is a requirement to stay enrolled in the Manna program. I recently wrote to Cristian (and all of my older kids), about how many more opportunities are available as a result of staying in school, encouraging them to do so. I want the best life possible for him and each of them.


11 year old Cristian is growing up fast and I think he looks even older than he is in this photo!

Yeyson and Greysi are the set of siblings that I sponsor. I couldn’t bare to only choose one, as I fell in love with both of them. 9 year old Yeyson always looks so kind and gentle.


The extra photo of him with the huge smile after receiving his backpack makes me SO happy! The letters for the children at Yeyson and Greysi’s church had to be distributed on a separate day, which means I got to see a photo of him wearing one of the shirts I sent him (the green one). It looks great!

And then there’s 3 year old Greysi, the little sister of Yeyson. This girl is absolutely precious.

In the photo of her with the letter, she is wearing a dress I sent her! I just love seeing this on her and fitting her well, because I was so excited when I found it while backpack shopping!

Letter from Yeyson

This is my first letter from Yeyson, the older of the siblings I sponsor together.


Yeyson is 9 and lives in the El Tablon community of Lempira, Honduras.

“Hello dear sponsor, Thank you for having chosen me. i hope you are in very good health. Thanks to God my family is very healthy. I hope to meet you in person to see my beautiful sponsor that God has given me. My mother is Maria. My father is Omar. My sister is Greysi. I feel very happy for the beautiful family that my dear God has given me. I am also thankful because you form a part of my family. My heart says that I love you a lot even though I haven’t met you. May God protect you every day and take good care of you. Many thanks… many thanks!”


What a loving and heartfelt letter!

Photo Friday: New Photos of Yeyson and Greysi!

I recently received new photos of my Manna 4 Lempira siblings, Yeyson and Greysi. I was very excited because previously, I only had one photo of each of them. These photos were taken before anything I sent had been distributed, so in the next set of photos, they’ll be holding something from me and knowing they have a sponsor!

Yeyson is 8 (soon to be 9) and Greysi is 3. They live in the El Tablon community in Lempira, Honduras.



Introducing Yeyson and Greysi!

Last week, I added two new Manna 4 Lempira children to my family. I had been praying over all of the children that needed sponsors. Suddenly, one night I felt a pull on my heart that hadn’t been there before for Yeyson and Greysi, siblings. I said an extra prayer for them and went to bed. As I was trying to fall asleep, they weighed heavily on me, and I began to think about sponsorship. But, with it being so close to the time of the year we send backpacks full of school supplies and gifts for our sponsored kids, and already having 6 kids to purchase and send items for, I really wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to add on 2 more. That night, I had a dream about Yeyson and Greysi, and I was their sponsor. The dream was very vivid and impactful, and I woke up with a clear meaning from it on my heart. Sponsor them, and everything else will work out.

I knew how happy they’d be to receive their backpacks full of gifts. Why wait over a month, if I knew I wanted to sponsor them anyway and deny them that? Making things easier on myself is definitely not a good enough answer.

So that morning, I requested to sponsor these sweet siblings from El Tablon. They have a single, unemployed mother. Even though I’ve never sponsored siblings together in the past, it makes so much sense that I can give encouragement to all three of them as a family unit.

Yeyson is 8, and his favorite subject is Drawing. His favorite color is blue and his favorite activity is playing soccer. When he grows up, he wants to be a teacher (I have a special place in my heart, of course, for all children who do).


Greysi just turned 3 this week. She’ll start school in February. Her favorite color is pink and her favorite activity is playing with dolls. She also has one of the cutest smiles I have ever seen. I love how hard she is smiling, but she’s still peeking through with one eye open!


I’ve loved getting to shop for them along with my other Manna kids. It’s all working out! Because without a doubt, I knew I was meant to sponsor these two.